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Camera Work: Between Seasons

Christmas is three days old, New Years, A short work week away. The Ides of the Holidays. Maybe not mid month, but mid! Time to rest the fingers from their connection to the engine of the brain and dwell in drift. And dream. The underpinnings of art.

Maybe I’m saying that because it’s Saturday afternoon, and I haven’t done my thing here yet!

I am not aware of the multitudes who did enjoy a White Christmas this year, as I don’t count myself among those fortunate few. So I offer a photo of one from a number of years ago, maybe 20, on the street I wandered every chance I could with a camera when it snowed. Just off the corner from my residence.

The origin is analog, using a peculiar film from Kodak called Technical Pan. It took nearly a year before I had confidence in the yields I needed from my efforts, but once mastered, what a gift from E-K!

This is number three of my Camera Work series as a front page, and, being the year’s end, I have been thinking of where this might lead in 2015. What made an insistent appearance in my thoughts is “What do your readers want to read, and see?” Since then number of post is slight, we are actually just off the launching pad, so this question, apropos.

Therefore, I want to throw this open to feedback, of all kinds. Pictures included. Your work, your treasures. Certainly your ideas. There are many photo sites to be found, many of a technical nature, many more devoted to things like travel, reportage, cute kitty’s even. I will continue to offer up insights from the work of other photographers, particularly as they impact the history of photography.

I imagine this to be a relaxed environment to share and learn from each other and build a commonality. I prefer not to talk to you but with you, and with each other. My goal is to grow a sense of awareness in just what photographing means, and how photographing means; how a photograph means.

The Mayans have a greeting: In Lak’ech Ala K’in . I will leave you with that.

Photo ©2014 Lawrence Hudetz

Link to large image.


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Lawrence Hudetz

Lawrence Hudetz