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The community that began with Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner continues. Today we collect news from outside the usual, and renew the discussion.

Merry Christmas – maybe it could be better.

An uncontacted tribe in Peru has fled its area that global warming has made unlivable to neighboring village.

Climate change may be forcing increasingly large groups of uncontacted tribes out of Peru’s Amazon, officials said as advocates for the tribes reported that riverboats were sent to evacuate a remote village after a raid by members of an uncontacted tribe.

A group of about 200 men from the uncontacted Mashco-Piro tribe, armed with bows and arrows, arrived in the community of Monte Salvado on Thursday, according to Survival International, an indigenous rights group. The men raided the village, taking weapons and destroying the homes.

Most of the villagers, members of the Yine tribe, were in the regional capital of Puerto Maldonado for local elections during the incident, but about 55 Yine members had taken refuge in a guard post and would be evacuated on Tuesday, Patricia Balbuena, Peru’s vice-minister of intercultural affairs, told the Guardian.

North Korean internet service has gone down again for the second time after the Sony hacking incident. that resulted in revelation of private emails from members of staff there and other private information.

Officials have not yet commented on the issue.

Speculation is rife about the source of the blackouts, following a cyber security row with the US.

China has denounced reports suggesting it was responsible. US officials have not commented on any possible American involvement.

The US had said it would launch a proportional response to the hacking of Sony Pictures, after an FBI investigation appeared to show that North Korea was behind the hack attack which led to films and private emails being leaked online.


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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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