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Elvis lives on at Vegas

One of the most dynamic characters that history has ever known is Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. Born in 1935, Elvis began his singing career at 19 years old with the legendary Sun Records label in Memphis. It was a year later only that the young lad became an international sensation. It was with his unique combination of sound and style that Elvis has ushered everyone into a whole new era of music. Elvis rise to stardom from his humble beginnings is a truly captivating journey that has earned him the title of the ‘King of Rock ‘N Roll!

It was with the song “Mystery Train” that Elvis reached the top of the country charts in 1955 with another hit a year later with “Heartbroken Hotel”. His success rolled over with many songs knowing the summit of fame and Elvis turning into an icon in the music world. For a whole two decades, Elvis Presley has remained the top recording artist for his great songs. His manner of dress, hairstyles, behaviours and even his spinning hip movements became legendary as he continued his conquest. The stardom also made it in the movies which has as well, known great success with ticket sales over $150 million.

Even after his death in 1977, Elvis Presley notability didn’t fade away as superstar and legend as much in death as he was in life. The star also became the first-ever inductee into three music halls of fame; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame and Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Even though Elvis Presley is gone, none would forget that moment on a sweltering day when a great roar swept through the crowds, raising clouds of sand and dust; the entry of the King in Las Vegas Casino.

Elvis has definitely not left the building at Las Vegas as his reigns is still as supreme as it was back in the days. Elvis spirit still lives on in Las Vegas even though he was never to perform again since the city has embraced Elvis who lives as a myth. Elvis statue can be found outside of the Las Vegas Hilton, to the right of the main doors. Statues in memorials of the King have been erected in Tennessee, Australia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Indiana, Germany, Israel, Hawaii, and Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Austin, California, Denmark and many more countries.

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