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Top Libertarian Post (Video)- Enemy or Ally?

This has been the top post at the leading libertarian website for the last few days, that sort of thing is not unusual. Last month someone posted the exact number of days Manning has been subjected to incarceration. Other than this site, the biggest supporter of Manning has been the Libertarians. The concerns, issues and desires of Libertarians are, in substantial form, aligned with progressives. This is particularly true on the seminal issues Bansksters, wars, corporate-facism, drug war, civil liberties, police powers ect.

To ascribe to libertarians the values forwarded by the few corporate tea party supporters would be the same as ascribing Obama’s warmongering corporatism policies as some sort of progressive agenda. The values of the libertarian would most prominently displayed in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis when the Government sought to reward the banksters by showering them with EVERYTHING and they were in the streets/DC……………….alone.

Gay marriage, welfare programs ect had been around for a long time, the libertarians did not go to the streets to protest those issues. On gay marriage it is difficult to make the case that the governments declaration that gay marriage is/was illegal was ever preferable to the libertarian position that forwards the concept that the government does not have the moral authority to be involved in who gets married. Their conduct should make it clear why they should be denied that moral authority. Why do you give it to them so easily? that’s the reasonable question the libertarian asks.

The alliance required to battle the establishment in a meaningful way demands advocacy for issues that both actual progressives and libertarians agree on without making the issues they dont agree on the cause for not forwarding a forceful populist agenda. Yes, populist agenda.

The system is so broken, so corrupt that Libertarians, Progressives and a majority  of Americans advocate for what could be deemed a progressive agenda. Stop the wall street give aways, stop the wars, stop the drug war, End the Fed, address corporate welfare.

At the heart of the Libertarian/Progressive understanding is that corporations have bought the politicians and that the politicians serve those corporations and not the American People. That is a pretty good basis for partnership on issues.

On the issue of how to deal with corporations/multi-national corporations it it hard to argue that limiting the federal government, the Hand-Maiden to corporations, would not be a reasonable path to consider when addressing the a fore cited issues. Conversely, I do not believe more federal government is in my interests and I do believe it is in the interests of corporations. The less Government argument is gaining more credence with me. I would like to limit what they do.

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