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The Roundup

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So close to Christmas Day!

International Politics


– At the Bagram prison in Afghanistan, prisoners were raped by dogs if they did not provide any information, according to a former German lawmaker; And you wonder why American society is so sick. It’s because those at the top are the most sick so it trickles down.

– A new report found at least 60 journalists were killed this year, which was down from 70 last year. Still, it is alarming nonetheless.

Middle East

– The Syrian government, to continue to have soldiers in its ranks, is going after young men avoiding the draft

– Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas said should the resolution in the United Nations for peace talks fail, Abbas will no longer work with Israel

– The Iraqi government was able to create a budget that needs to be voted on and it projects a $19 billion deficit


– The Egyptian military government fined Bassem Youssef’s television channel $6.5 million for the humor of Youssef’s show. If the channel is unable to pay, Youssef will be next in line to pay.

– The United Nations is warning of possible war crimes occurring throughout Libya as instability persists; I don’t get it. The West brought bourgeois democracy there. Did the West lie to me about that?


– Spain may end up passing a law to effectively ban protesting within the country; It’s so great to see bourgeois democracy finally get what it wants.

– The Ukraine took another step in being close with the West after saying it is no longer “non-aligned

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.