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US Upset with Kingdom of North Korea

The US is blaming North Korea for damaging Sony, thereby executing the best PR campaign for a limited release “B” rated movie ever seen.

This follows the Hollywood mantra “There is No Such Thing as Bad PR.”

Before this incident many had not heard of, nor intended to see “The Interview “and it was scheduled only for geographically limited release.

Following this stunningly successful (albeit malicious) PR stunt by some third party, the movie’s title is now a household name and when released will be a must-see and will probably be released worldwide. The complaints from Sony about huge losses fall into the category of “We Think They Doth Protest Too Much.”

Sony will make boatloads on money and huge profits from the Movie, and cry all the way to the bank. To complain of damages is mendacious in the extreme. We suppose Sony is looking for a US Federal Bail Out – Hint to Sony: If you were a Bank you’d already have the money at 0% interest (Oh, incidentally Sony is a Japanese Company, so possibly they could get a bail out under Abenomics at home).

The Executives of Sony are afraid for their jobs, because they foolishly wrote emails disparaging their stars. Any person over the age of five knows that emails live forever, and any malicious words written and sent in an email will come back and bite one sooner or later. We understand why Sony wants to deflect the conversation away from those emails – if their stupidity can be changed into a “cyber-attack,” then they can claim that they were not responsible, either for the attack or for the data and emails that were extracted from their servers. Never mind that Sony’s network security was entirely inadequate, despite repeated attacks by unknown parties over the past several years. We think that the Sony executives responsible for this lax security should lose their jobs. Their failure to perform has embarrassed the company. For more details, see here and here.

The Sony executives, after paying their stars huge amounts of money, polishing their egos, and parading them around to promote Sony’s products find that the egos of their stars tend to grow, and the stars become difficult to deal with. Astonishing! What else did they expect? If you inflate their egos, people tend to think of themselves as “more important,” and some people allow their behavior to change in unpleasant ways. Obvious the stars believe themselves more important than the Sony executives – Sacre Bleu! What a blow to the overpaid executives! Live with it! It’s not ‘rocket science.’ Again, the Sony executives performed badly. No wonder they’d like the attention re-directed to the latest whipping boy – North Korea? this time. “Please look at this bright shiny object over here. Ignore the mess we’ve created over there…”

Not to mention the action of looking several gift horses, (Stars) which Sony helped create, in the mouth. We’d ask of the Sony executive, envy, jealousy, projection or all of these?

The second part of this note is regarding the quality of information coming from our government. Lately, the FBI has been quoted as saying that North Korea is responsible for the Sony hack. Funnily enough, though, there has been NO proof offered in support of this claim. We find that interesting, because the government has made assertions of this nature before – which later were shown to be wrong. Weapons of Mass Destruction claims come to mind, although recently the government asserted that there really were weapons of mass destruction, but again, without offering any proof. It’s like saying torture is effective at gaining intelligence – which is surely not the case because the Intelligence Community seems as stupid as ever.

This tendency for our government to try to deceive its citizens and the rest of the world is the reason why it is difficult to put faith in our government’s assertions in the absence of visible, verifiable proof. We’d like to be able to classify our government and its various agencies as totally honest and excellent examples of integrity. Unfortunately, we feel unable to do this, in the presence of evidence to the contrary. Instead, we are forced to note the difference between what the government says and what it does. There is often a world of difference.

If you want us to believe that North Korea did this, instead of Sony insiders, or just other hackers, don’t just claim it. Show us your evidence on N Korea.

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