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Over Easy: Fukushima Update

Santa gets a letter from TEPCO


Rather warm for the time of the season here, I’ll take it. I can live without a white Xmas. And I can live without a white new year, too.

They’re preparing public opinion for a massive dump of hot water into the Pacific. I (and others) have been predicting this for some time. And I think the statement about “decontaminated to acceptable levels” translates to “Once we start dumping, we ain’t even gonna run it through a coffee filter”. They will need to do something, however. They choose steel for the water tank material rather than plastic and the beta radiation from the hot water turns into Xrays when it hits the iron.

They’ve officially got all the fuel out of the #4 SFP. They announced the successful removal of the SPENT fuel rods a few weeks ago, but they’re now saying that the last UNSPENT rods have been removed. You gotta watch the wordsmithing with these folks.

I’m gonna keep posting links to stuff supporting the premise that the different explosion in #3 was a nuclear incursion until TEPCO admits it.   Dunno how much longer they can pretend. I’d also like to point out that #3 was the only unit running MOX fuel and I think that’s why it had a nuclear explosion and the others didn’t. There are no US reactors running MOX, thank the Goddess, but there are about 30 in Europe and another 20 licensed to do so. And we’re building a MOX plant at Savannah River.

Guess which country is now the main roadblock to post Fukushima safety improvements? Yup, the good ol’ U S of A! Our position: “Safety improvements mitigating radiation releases should “be oriented towards these objectives” without over burdening companies. Do I need to translate that? Okay, it means human lives cost too much.

Japan’s government loses a round in court to keep the names of places that have agreed to accept Fuku waste secret.  They may well appeal, as keeping the voters from knowing what the politicians have approved is critical to disposing of this crap.

One of the legit reasons for keeping reactors around is medical isotopes. It seems that Canadian scientists have produced these with intense Xrays. Now the only reason for keeping reactors around is Nuke weapons.

What, you say we need reactors for electricity? I beg to differ! 160K homes powered by this solar plant and a bigger one is under construction.

The JG called for elections for no particular reason, got the really low turn out they wanted and the ruling party increased their seat count. Nuclear power looks to be the big winner.
A cynic might think that’s why they did it.

And already taking advantage of the expected LDP win, we have a set of aging reactors asking for a lifecycle extension.

And lest you think that atomic idiocy is limited to Japan, guess where a Calif plant is going to store their fuel in an earthquake area? Yup, underground.   This our old buddy SONGS, who couldn’t manage to convince Calif that they were safe to restart.

Boxturtle (May you all have a Happy, Politically Correct, Non-sectarian Holiday season)

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