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Ending the Cold War in the Sonoran Desert

Ending the Cold War in the Sonoran Desert

For those among us and who appreciate “good” geology, we know that the Northern Border starts at our  Big Hole and well-known by the many as the Grand Canyon.  And as to the Southern Border, we know too that this ends at the tip of South America. 

Now, having said all this and for ease of understanding, the nexus for the end of this Cold War is America’s Torture Report and our ending for our imperialistic behavior relative to the “opening” of Cuba and for the benefit of future generations, here in the good  old USA as well as for the Cuban citizens themselves.  And with this in mind, a “I get it!” Moment arrived earlier today, Saturday, with a very insightful observation that has been well-articulated by Nancy Le Tourneau when she states:  “Todos Somos Americanos.”


And since I don’t do links, given that I’m old-fashioned, her article and titled, “Latin America, Torture and the Cold War” and dated today, can be found at the web site for the political blog that is Political Animal and which is part and parcel to the Washington Monthly Magazine.


And if you have the time, take a gander!



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