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Update: More Protests Tonight; Sorry Mayor DeBlasio; Cop Who Killed Dontre Hamilton Won’t Be Charged

The video of 12-year-old child Tamir being blown away in two seconds can be seen here.  Note the question asked by the dispatcher three times: “Is he black or white?”

This page from has a handy schedule of this weekend’s events; our thanks.  At least 100 Ferguson protestors planned to make the trip; shortstack is already there.  Events started at 10 a.m. with a rally and forum at Cudell Recreation Center, where Tamir was murdered, then there will be a demonstration at 11:30 at the Second District Police Headquarters, 3481 Fulton Road.  The killing of mentally ill Tanesha Anderson by Cleveland Serve and Protect officers will also be highlighted.

#TaneshaAnderson‘s story tells us #blacklivesmatter less to cops when they are mentally ill. Less to all when female …

Most of the Day #11 of 11 days of #ThisStopsToday demonstrations will happen later in the day, so I’ll fill in as they occur and I have time.

Cops have blocked all entrances to the Cudell Rec Center’s parking lot, and a car pictured on #TamirRice tried to run over a few protestors; the drive is said to have been waving a gun around.  No news about police chasing him down for an arrest so far.


Betty Shabazz @curlyheadRED  ·  1h 1 hour ago

The man in his car said he would shoot us all but the cop is saying we threatened him. This is crazy yall.

Tamir’s 16-year-old brother spoke, and thanked people from around the nation for coming to Cleveland.  His grandmother spoke, her voice trembling.

A small group of the 74 Ferguson FreedomFighters were arrested, and have been released.

@deray (McKesson): “If you cannot imagine freedom, then you cannot fight for it. If you cannot dream while awake, you may sleep forever. #Ferguson”

From New York:

Well, holy woop woop!  No silver bells and sugar plums today!  #NoShopping!

The Mall of America is ShutDown!

‘Mall of America looks like a war zone. All it’s missing is a tank.’

Minister of Riverside Church reminds us not to stop fighting for justice until it flows down from the mountains in rivers. #ThisStopsToday

Standing applause, support & love to the families of those killed by NYPD;  #NoelPolanco’s 17-year-old sister: “I don’t want to see anyone go through what my mom is going through.”

LIVE Kansas MO, #ShutItDown #BlackLivesMatter protests has Highway on/off-ramp shut down by police (live at )


With ‘41 Shots‘, the Boss commemorates the 1999 brutal police extermination of Amadou Diallo in the Bronx.


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