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US Admits Failure to Destroy the Cuban Revolution, Changes Tactics

The catalyst for action on Cuba is not a desire for better relations, but the acknowledgement that the openly repressive policies had failed and were a profound embarrassment to, what is left of our, reputation in the world. Because of the Bay of Pigs it was difficult to roll out the usual script of vilification  leading to a subsequent humanitarian bombing of the country.

As the world continued normal diplomatic relations with Cuba, for decades, the US and its demand for an “embargo” was rejected by that world. The recent rejection by Latin American of the US demand that those countries condemn and/or interfere in the affairs Venezuela was inspiring. They unequivocally rejected verbal condemnation. They saved that for Panama the nation who advocated for the aggression.

The new plan for Cuba will probably be from the playbook we have seen so many times before. That would be to obtain control of the politics, industry and natural resources through a combination of investment, NGOs, political bribery leading to destabilization and stealth occupation.

The good news is- The people of Cuba will benefit greatly   and only Vietnam had prevailed against such determination by the US to force it into compliance/submission, it is truly the rarest of occasions.

The bad news- Vietnam is now owned and subjugated by US multi-nationals and has/will continue to impoverish it’s people by design. That is what is in store for Cuba. On the bigger picture of positive , forward looking, change we should be concerned. It is important to notice that Obama did not say it was wrong to sanction a country, who has done you no harm, he said the sanctions did not work- implying the unachieved cause was  righteous and worthy.

the take away- we do the sanctions or Bay of Pigs better next time to achieve our goal. Look at world events it would seem to fit into that box

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