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This and That #3
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First off here is a link to something that might be interesting to read. A Neurosurgeon claims  to have had  an after life experience. He claims this proves that the after life exists. He does not go into any details of what it looks like. Now I am no believer in any magic man in the sky or some forever Valhalla.   But in my opinion thinking that this is all there is is a little arrogant and naive. Our primitive brains are only capable of coping with information that we get from our limited senses. We could very well inhabit an N-dimensional universe and not know it and there are FAR to many things that defy a reasonable explanation to rule anything like this out.

Then we have the hostage situation that occurred is Sydney Australia that came to a rather rapid conclusion earlier Monday after the police there identified the culprit as a self styled Muslim cleric with a violent past and rap sheet as long as your arm. Who was even just out on bail when he decided to attempt this. A whole lot more drama than the situation required IMHO. But then unlike my parents and us baby boomers, who had dubious pleasure of experiencing  the various wars and there by living through each’s own personal hell, most of the younger generation’s trauma consisted of falling off of their bicycle or some such.

For those who still use Facebook [I am one, but probably not for long] they will as this article says drop a bombshell after Jan. 1.

Major news is about to be released from the infamous privacy stealing company known as Facebook. All users will be asked around January 1st, 2015, to accept the new terms. But just what are these mysterious “new terms” being bolstered by Facebook? How about the fact that they want to allow third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. to collect information not only from your Facebook page but from your computer, your phone, and any other device you access Facebook from. Joe Biggs Infowars reporter brings us the latest…

So I am have signed up with Located in Iceland,

If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook is in cahoots with the government, then I feel for you but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to a place similar to Facebook but without all the censorship crap!

And they do not sell your data to anyone.

Now for something just fun. Jim Hawkins WLW Transmitter site. WLW has the distinction of being the only AM radio station to ever run 500,000 watts. FDR himself is said have pushed the button that switched the big transmitter on.  From 1934 to 1939. It was the product of Powel Crosley. Now running that much power is not with out it’s problems. Farmers were complaining that they were getting arcing on their fences. When a lightning storm was around , the base of the tower would arc to ground and cause all kinds of havoc.  Their solution was to put a photo sensor at the base that would autocratically cut the transmitter until the arcing stopped.  OY ! Then there was Canada who complained like crazy because WLW was interring with their radio stations. But you could pick it up just about anywhere. The Queen  wired in a request and it is said Hitler hated it.

Speaking of transmitting towers, in 1973 the Bithlo Tower came down, taking 3 TV stations off the air and 2 FM stations. It was quite windy that day as I recall. We were watching the news and suddenly nothing. We lived in Chuluota Florida at the time and could easily see the tower from our back yard. I went out back and looked toward where the it was supposed to be and it was no longer there. The Bithlo Tower was a very tall transmitting tower outside of Orland Florida in a very forested area in Bithlo Florida, a very small community.  A number of TV stations used it but were off the air until a new tower could be erected. But one station managed to come back on the air. Channel 6 – WDBO at the time – still had their old transmitter and antenna at the studio site but it had apparently not been fired up in quite sometime cause the signal was horrible.  The picture had large black “Hum Bars?in it and the audio was barely listenable. Eventually the engineer got the thing back to spec.

Well that’s all I go for now. Have a good morning Firedogs.

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