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Democrat and Republican Voters Deserving Our Ridicule, Necessary for Change

One of the most amazing and disheartening experiences of my life has been the reality that Democrat and Republican voters take no accountability for what they have wrought by their votes empowering the establishment. That disconnect between who you vote for and what they enable is staggering. Their is no major policy differences between the two parties. 12 years ago I told my father, who votes a straight D-ticket, that it was immoral to vote for Democrats, any Democrat, and supported it with an insurmountable amount of fact that conclusively proved that their is no difference between his beloved dems and his much hated Republicans. That did not go over well but it fit my definition of being a patriot requiring me to act on the truth’s behalf.

The best, present day, example of  the I-dont-get-it crowd is the fawning over Elizabeth Warren. The Democrat Party has gotten so bad that the any Party Member challenging the Banksters in the smallest way is reason for rejoicing. Really. She is very pro-war. She is spectacular….. why? We have lost our way.

Remember Obama. President Elizabeth Warren’s rhetoric would allow for a continuation of the same right wing policies that they have been enacting for a long time and are continuing, accelerating under Obama. They did not need the new Republican majorities to enact this horrible”spending” bill. My intent here is to ridicule those voters excited about Elizabeth” the establishment tool” Warren. Hey McFly! Are you going to fall for this establishment Kabuki, again?

What policy changes is Warren advocating for that will positively change the direction of the Country in a substantial way that would be in the interests of the American People. The assertions/concerns/remedies she  forwards, if she could address all, would allow for all the things that are working against most people to continue, there would be no accountability, the wars would continue ect ect.

The party structure should be used to  attack the party. The I dont get it crowd is still advocating for changing the party, through Warren, but they can point to no set of facts that would indicate they have had or will have any success with that delusion. It is immoral to vote for Democrats. They are part of the problem, not the solution.

I would ask anyone looking at the legislative record of the last three or four decades to use some common sense, it all drives in one direction a pro-corporate anti-quality of living standards for us all. You should be praying for less government intervention. Clamoring for the government to do something, when every time they do, you get screwed should be one of the signs of insanity. If we had enacted little or no legislation since 1980 we would be much better off.

In this regard the libertarians get it right, the less government the better. It’s false belief that limited government requires no Social Security and healthcare or support for the poor. Those are largely administrative in nature and not given to tampering. Universal healthcare actually requires less government than what is required to sustain the status quo. Right now they are doing so many things we dont want them to example; 67% of Americans do not want us more deeply involved in the Ukraine  100% of senators/reps voted to send lethal arms into the conflict.

The Big Question: If the Federal Government rarely if ever acts in your interests and constantly acts against your interests is it not common sense to work against that entity that is so adverse to the interests of you and your family? If some how your actions worked in support of  that entity, say by attending /participating in the kabuki theater/ not speaking out against it, it would seem worthy of ridicule. If you cant get it to do what you want why not limit it, you have a lot better chance effecting positive change/ slowing adverse change at the local level-State, County, City.

I would vote for any third party candidate before a candidate from one of the two parties and just hope one day a sufficient amount of people will understand that the democrats are the placeholder for something good, placed there by people who could care less about any of us.

The parties need to lose all credibility for real change to occur. A vote for Elizabeth Warren is a vote for the status quo. Acting like she is not part of the Kabuki with the overwhelming  amount of  factual  and historical evidence that should lead a rational person to conclude that this is just more Kabuki to support the status quo, earns my  ridicule.

Supporting ideas, principles,actions- good  supporting either of these parties should be met with ridicule, look at their record. George nails it, thats what you are really up against.






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