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Thoughts on the Torture Report and the Reaction

“A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”  Joseph Stalin (attributed)
I’m bothered by the narrative and reactions to the report. Torture is an action being labeled illegal and immoral, rightly so, and people are calling for justice while the illegality and immorality of the entire war OF terror and U.S. imperialism is ignored. It’s almost as if everything would be hunky dory as long as the United States of Imperialism didn’t torture. I’m also bothered by the way it separates the Bush administration from the Obama administration from the Clinton administration. There should be no separation, they’re all guilty. And I’m bothered that it appears to completely sidestep the primary problem we the serfs face. It’s not torture.

It’s been known for years that the clearly illegal war against Iraq has caused the deaths of up to a million people or more. It’s been known for more than a decade that sanctions the U.S. enacted against Iraq in the 90’s (under Clinton) resulted in the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children. What? Digest that figure. Five hundred thousand children.

I had a bad experience over this last Halloween when some trick or treaters were run over by a drunk driver killing a seven year old girl. It happened less than 100 yards from my house. Very sad, very emotional. I can see the lingering memorial, which now has a small lighted Christmas tree in it, from the front window of my house. She went to the same school as my granddaughter. Poor girl. Poor family.

One child. Five hundred thousand children. One million people.

I can’t differentiate. I refuse to differentiate. Who am I to do that.

So why all the outrage about torture and not the quasi genocide of the Iraqi people and it’s children? Not to mention the continuing genocides in Africa caused by U.S. and global imperialsim. Why does the United Nations call for prosecutions for torture while it says nothing about the illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine? Why haven’t there been any investigations of those wars? Why the selective fucking outrage?

Why hasn’t there been an independent reinvestigation of 9/11 since the official version is what Dick Cheney says? Dick Cheney is a war criminal, why are the Non-Truthers on his side when it comes to 9/11? Is the entire planet afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist? Is that how easy it is for them?

What about the hundreds of thousands killed in LIbya and Syria because of the ILLEGAL proxy wars by the United States of Imperialism and War? What about the ILLEGAL regime change in Ukraine that is causing untold death and destruction and could lead to World War Three with Russia and China? Why isn’t the United Nations calling for justice and accountability against the Obama adminsitration for it’s ILLEGAL role in manufacturing and instigating the Ukraine conflict?

What about Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Powers, Nuland, Rice, Panetta and company as war criminals right along side Bush, Cheney, Hayden, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, and Wolfowitz?

Why no talk about that?

That’s been the thing with the reaction to the torture program from the beginning. It’s a typical human response I suppose to be more outraged about rectal feeding of prisoners than it is about the outright murder of one million people or the ongoing attempt at hegemony over the entire planet. It’s like the beheadings. They represent barbarism and savagery and that’s why Stephen King makes his money. Screw the genocide, did you see what they did to that guy?

Why aren’t those calling for prosecutions of those involved in the (Bush) torture program also calling for prosecutions for those involved in the U.S. ILLEGAL wars that are continuing right now? Why aren’t they calling Obama a war criminal right alongside the evil dark hearted Cheney? Because it wasn’t torture, only murder?

There’s alot of inconsistency and hypocrisy going on right now as well as propaganda and manipulation.

So what’s the best case scenario for all this torture business? Some more promises and platitudes from Obama? For what, that the U.S. won’t torture anymore while it’s ILLEGALLY raping and pillaging the earth, starting ILLEGAL war after ILLEGAL war? And why should Obama even be talking, he’s a war criminal too. Aren’t we tired of war criminals? Why should we let a war criminal tell us what we should do with other war crimials? Are we insane?

This torture report is nothing. It’s not even a drop in the bucket of what the Empire and it’s oligarchy/plutocracy have done and are doing. I’m saying many of us have been outraged for a long fucking time.

What about Vietnam? What about Cambodia? What about COINTELPRO and MK ULTRA? What about Henry Fucking Kissinger!!

This rant brought to you by a Concerned Citizen.
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