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Video: 35 Articles of Impeachment by Dennis Kucinich

As I watched a reply of Bush angrily looking deep into the camera and declaring ” we do not torture” -the disclosed facts indicate Bush knew a couple years before that that torture had occured- common sense would lead one to believe Cheney would have informed him. It is so Clintonesk ” I did not….that girl”, “we dont torture” stare into the camera in deep moment of sincerity in which they both knowingly lied to the American people from the depth of their souls. There is not a dimes worth of difference  between George,Bill, Obama or George nor the corporate parties they are front men for.

But here, Denny, in his finest hour, alone, unable muster a single progressive to his righteous cause forwarding the articles. Thats the wing of the democratic party I support, it left and was/is non-existent.

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