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The Roundup for December 10th, 2014

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Howdy folks! I’m almost a week away from being free for a month.

International Politics


– Slavoj Zizek: “How the United States Rolls

– Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the release of the Senate torture report highlights how the U.S. is the “symbol of tyranny against humanity

– Syrian President Bashar al-Assad praised Russia for reaching out for peace talks with the West

– The U.S. stance on nuclear weapons can best be described through the actions of representatives at an international conference on it—total disregard of the facts.

Middle East

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the country will manage even if oil prices drop to $40. In addition, Rouhani blamed “certain countries” for keeping the price of oil down.

– Afghanistan’s President Asraf Ghani also criticized the report and said the CIA violated human rights

– A Fatah official confirmed there were talks between Israel and Hamas, but a Hamas official denied it as propaganda; It should be noted Israel and Palestinian Authority are working together to stop Hamas from entering into the West Bank

– Meanwhile, a Palestinian Authority official was killed by Israeli forces when he was protesting in the West Bank

– The Iraqi government was paying more than 300,000 personnel who do not exist, according to an internal report

– Rania Khalek: “CIA cites Israeli court ruling to ‘justify’ torture program

Asia and Oceania

Part one of two with Sean Starrs, a professor living in Hong Kong, who provides an update on Occupy Central and the issue of police brutality


– Yesterday I referenced a bill that Democrats and Republicans worked on to avoid a government shutdown. That plan also includes re-instating military aid to Egypt.

– In Nigeria, four people were killed and seven were injured when suicide bombers attacked a market


– In Turkey, youths can avoid conscription in the military if they pay $8,700; Sounds like a policy discriminating against the poor

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Mexico may be on the cusp of revolution due to the 43 missing students lighting a spark in a nation seriously affected by corruption, crime, violence and the perils of neoliberal capitalism.

– In fact, it may be more appropriate to call the system in Mexico “necropolitical capitalism

– In Nicaragua, citizens protested against the construction of a canal because they say land is being taken to make the project

Financial Matters

– An official with the Army Corps of Engineers said the government must invest money into its infrastructure as it is deteriorating

– With Wall Street ruining all things it puts its hands on, you would figure charity would be safe, right?…Right?

– The U.N. reported the global economy will grow by three percent in the next two years, although certain regions will not enjoy the fruits of the growth

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Hearing that UPS discriminated against a pregnant mother because they wanted to save money is despicable. This issue, however, will be taken to the Supreme Court to decide.

– In a vote of 54-40, the Senate confirmed Lauren McFerran, noted as “pro-union,” to the National Labor Review Board

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: In the past month, support by Hispanics for President Barack Obama went up to 64 percent. Meanwhile, 51 percent of Americans do not approve of Obama’s executive order on immigration.

– Marcy Wheeler joins The Real News to discuss the Senate torture report and the importance of getting more documents

– Jesselyn Radack: “Torture report’s big bombshell: How a glaring double standard was exposed”

– As the White House is keeping quiet about the torture report, the Obama administration said it stands behind CIA director John Brennan

– While progress is being made on mass incarceration reform, there still exists a system that needs to be challenged

– The State Department did not submit documents about Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State when requested by journalists through the Freedom of Information Act; Hmm

– Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) disclosed parts of the Panetta review when speaking on the floor of the Senate about torture and criticized the Obama administration for not doing anything

– Former CIA officials are playing damage control by saying torture is actually effective

Anytown USA

– In Phoenix, Ariz., an unarmed black man was killed by an officer last week because the cop believed, get this, the man held a weapon. It was actually a pill bottle; Maybe we should train officers how to distinguish objects. No one wants them to mistake a plastic spoon for a knife.

– Natasha Lennard: “The Point of Protests Against Police Violence? To Shut the System Down

– Federal prosecutors are now seeking to keep Rasmea Odeh in jail and making sure she does not leave

We Don’t Need No Education

– A judge in New Jersey ruled estranged parents of a student must pay for her tuition

Top Gun (Stories)

– Pew: Fifty-two percent of Americans support the right to own guns compared to 46 percent who favor gun control.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– For schools in the U.S. lunches will now not have antibiotics although this was decided by school districts.

A new study found neighborhoods are not being affected by gentrification. Rather, many neighborhoods had dramatic increases in poverty.

The Second Sex

– Sudan is preventing the U.N. from investigating mass rapes committed by its soldiers

– It is sad Rolling Stone messed up on its story on “Jackie”; A shame really

Planet Earth

– Considering the amount of projects to transport natural gas, Turkey is becoming a hot-bed for natural gas pipelines

A new study found the chemicals released during hydrofracking affect the reproductive organs of people in that community

– In Lima, Peru, demonstrators marched for climate justice as the international climate summit in the city continues

Mixed Bag

– Dave Zirin: “The Enduring Importance of the Activist Athlete

A bank analyst referred to Eric Garner’s last words when talking about government regulations; Disgusting

– Wondering what the price of oil is now? It now is $65 per barrel, a five-year low.

– Bill Cosby was sued for defamation by one of a victim of sexual assault after Cosby called her a liar

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