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The Untold Story

Maya Angelou . . .

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Chelsea Manning experienced that agony, John Kiriakou and Julian Assange and Edward Snowden experienced that agony. Every victim of racism has experienced that agony, it cannot be borne alone, no one is strong enough to bear it alone. Everything must be told, and we must share in the telling. Their healing, our healing, the healing of our communities, the healing of this nation and this world depend upon bearing witness to the truth, for truth has always been the foundation of justice, it is the only foundation upon which a just society can be built.

The Truth. It has never been told by any ruler of any society anywhere.


It is the untold story.

No society can survive upon a foundation of deceit, no society can survive when injustice is pervasive, no society ever has, no society ever will. We have seen centuries of deceit, centuries of injustice, we have seen only a few brief, shining moments when truth and justice began to emerge, only to fade away again as darkness returned with a vengeance.

We are not citizens any more.

We are the enemy.


Everything keeps getting darker, but the untold story is being told, it is being told from the prison cells of the global police state, it is being told in the sacred language of protest, it is being told in Missouri, it is being told on the East Coast and the West Coast and everywhere in between, it is being told in Hong Kong, it is being told in Mexico City, it is being told by the Native Peoples of the Americas, it is being told in every land where corruption reigns, in every land where corporate power dehumanizes, in every land where the innocent are being exploited and abused and silenced by their own “governments”.

It is being told by Brittney Cooper . . .

The rule of law wants to beat into us, through “discipline,” the belief that we–black people–would be animals but for its chastening rod of correction. The law stepped to a podium, under cover of night, to tell us that it reserves the right to slaughter black men with impunity, that it seeks to coerce through threat of force, our permission to do so.

We all know what the politicians are saying, what the corporate media is saying, what the militarized enforcers of the “law” are saying. It’s the same old story, the same old pack of lies that have always been told by the powerful to the powerless, the same pack of lies that have been told ever since the first palaces were built and the first brave souls who spoke truth to power were rounded up and hauled off to the first prisons.

Meet the new boss.

Same as the old boss.

We are living in a time of universal deceit, we understand all too well that telling the truth has always been a revolutionary act, we understand all too well why we are being slandered as looters, as rioters, as mindless anarchists. It is the standard response when the Powers-That-Be feel threatened, when their criminality is being exposed for all to see, when the untold story is being told and people are finally listening to it.

Dangerous truth-telling like that cannot be allowed to continue, so the corrupt media is becoming even more strident, the police are being praised for their “admirable restraint”, THEY are portrayed as the victims, to such an Orwellian extent that the killing of Tamir Rice in two seconds is deemed fully justified. The insistent message rings out across the land that the peace officers in that vehicle packed with enough weaponry to kill a thousand people obviously feared for their lives and had no choice but to blow a 12-year-old away.

And the men who spurred us on,
Sit in judgment of all wrong,
The decide,
And the shotgun sings the song
. . .

Memorial Where Michael Brown Was Shot

Those killers with the tin badges have done enough judging.

It’s our turn now.

Here’s our first verdict . . .THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM IS GUILTY

Cooper . . .

Did you expect me to call for peace? Did you expect me to condemn looting and property damage? Did you expect me to preach at the people about being constructive rather than destructive? Peaceful protests have been happening for over 100 days. But white folks only really pay attention if they fear they have something to lose. Smoke flares in their nostrils, because then they are confronted with the possibility of charred, burning, white flesh. No more water. The fire next time.


The untold story. We must tell it. Here and everywhere. Every chapter of it, every paragraph of it, every sentence of it, every word of it.

(1st photo by Thomas Hawk, Flickr Creative Commons)

(2nd photo by Miles Bess, Flickr Creative Commons)

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