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Next Level in the Video Game – War Machines Are Disgusting

How does something inspirational turn disgusting?

I was watching some NFL football this weekend and during one game the broadcast cut to pictures of a museum Battleship, I think it was the New Jersey. It was an evening view with lights flooding the big ship from all angles. A very impressive and even inspirational sight for many. The commentary from the TV heads was effusive about that impressiveness as they are about anything military (and U.S. imperialism) nowadays.

I’ve taken tours of decommissioned ships and submarines before. I was impressed and even inspired at times thinking of what those ships and boats had been through as well as the massive technology involved.

I saw them up close when I was in the Navy. Ya man, that’s right, I’m a Veteran, a Vietnam Era Vet.  I served on a nuclear submarine, a fast attack submarine armed with torpedoes. I was stationed at Pearl Harbor where I saw the memorials to the ships sunk on Dec. 7th, 1941. I was the Leading Seaman on that submarine responsible for the grunt crew. I knew every inch of that 298 foot underwater plane because that was my job. I was impressed with war machines back then even though I was inherently against what I was doing. I just didn’t know quite what I was doing.

Then I got out, went to college, got married, had a family and a career, and retired. I’ve since had time to research about war and imperialism and geopolitics. The internet provided me with an easy way to “google” anything I wanted, like the science fiction books of my youth, just ask a question. I learned the truth about alot of things and refined my already serious opposition to war and imperialism to new levels.  I’m on the tenth level in the game we’re playing.  That’s serious.

So here I am today. I saw the picture of that battleship during that football game and I realized it disgusted me. I realized that all the war machines and war apparatus disgust me. I already knew that but this was a different level. I thought of how ridiculous it is for human beings in the 21st century to have positive feelings and emotions about these war machines. I look at those ships and boats (subs are called boats), one of which I served on during the Vietnam war, and they disgust me. Everything about them. They’re useless to the human race. They’re symbols of how little progress humans have made since the dawn of time.

We’re trained to believe those war machines are to keep our country safe. But they aren’t. Nothing about war and imperialism is meant to keep us safe. War is a racket, war is a lie, war is bullshit. War and imperialism is for the rich, the serfs get to fight and die. It’s always the same and never different.  The war machines are for THEM, not us.

We’re at a time when a helluva lot of people are disgusted. There’s plenty to be disgusted about with how this human race of ours is “evolving”, where we’re heading.  War, imperialism, war machines, all of that disgusts me.  It’s a level of disgust I haven’t achieved before and it’s because of how utterly idiotic, stupid and ignorant it is for humans to continue to believe in this shit.  Now I look at these war machines and think about how ignorant and pathetic we really are.

This is a new level for me.  It feels like I’m at the end.  Some reading this may already have achieved that level, some may be at a higher level of which I’d dearly love to achieve.  I’d love to know what it is and what it would be like.  I really wish more were playing this game.

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