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The Weekend Roundup for December 6-7th, 2014

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Hey folks, I’ll be placing Christmas songs until the 25th. I figure it would be best to spread some cheer.

International Politics


– John Pilger: “War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

Middle East

– Journalist Max Blumenthal explains to The Real News how the right may be able to take control in the next election and how no major political party is able to provide a democratic framework

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bragged the country had a key role in shooting down an international agreement between Iran and P5+1

– Journalist Antonia Juhasz talks to The Real News about the latest agreement between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish regional government on sharing oil profits, which may help against the Islamic State; More on this can be found here.

– ISIL, meanwhile, banned all drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, from being consumed as they say it is against their religious doctrine

– The media in Syria accused Israel of firing near Damascus where only light damage was reported

– In Saudi Arabia, authorities arrested 135 people, which include 26 foreigners, for “terrorism

– In Yemen, U.S. special forces failed in their rescue mission to recover hostages as some civilians and hostages were killed by militants


– Analyst Maged Mandour joins The Real News to discuss the victory of the counter-revolutionaries in the Egyptian military junta after Hosni Mubarak was freed.

A very thorough piece on the criminal antics of the military junta where leaked audio tapes revealed the secrets the military have in terms of keeping their crimes hidden

– In South Africa, the elites strive to ensure there is no left opposition and, in turn, this empowers companies over the rest of the populace


– The Justice and Development Party offers free coal to the poor in Turkey, although, as a result of a shortage of production, they are struggling to find some

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

–  Six Guantanamo detainees finally reached Uruguay after the U.S. allowed them to go; Glenn Greenwald writes more on it here and, in case you might be wondering, the transfers will not impact a lawsuit surrounding force-feeding.

– Authorities in Mexico were able to identify one of the 43 missing students near a garbage dump

Financial Matters

– Economist Richard Wolff joins The Real News to talk about the jobs being added to the economy, which are less secure and provide less wages compared to jobs before the 2007-08 housing crisis

– There is a bright spot in the German-led austerity in Europe: the left in some countries are gaining ground

– The salary of CEOs are doubling the rate workers get for their salary; I’m sure that’ll trickle-down

– Good for Chile to resist the dreadful neoliberal politics still affecting the nation after the rise of General Augusto Pinochet

– The price of oil may continue to decline with American shale gas production to blame for its decline as well as other factors; BP announced layoffs due to the declining price of oil

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The name of the game is to keep wages as low as possible by any means; Unfortunately, these robber barons are able to gain the respect of some petit-bourgeois individuals

Politics US

Washington USA

– President Barack Obama: Racism and discrimination is deeply ingrained in our society and it will take time to fight it; And is something you contribute to considering you’ve decided to uphold that imperial structure

– The Obama administration, in response to the number of police brutality cases across the U.S., may just end up training more officers with the militarized equipment; Change we can believe in

– Thomas Frank: “Ann Coulter and David Brooks play a sneaky, unserious class card

– Bill Cassidy, a Republican, defeated Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in a run-off election, so the GOP have an extra seat in the Senate; One capitalist gone, another capitalist in.

– Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who leads the House Intelligence Committee, said the release of the Senate torture report will cause violence overseas; What type of intelligence committee does he lead?

Anytown USA

– Part one and two with activists Farajii Muhammad and Kamau Franklin on the failure of the justice system in the U.S. and solutions to go for to ensure justice for all

– In Kansas City, Mo., a 15-year-old Muslim teenager was killed by a driver in front of a mosque in what authorities say may be motivated by the driver’s hatred of Islam

– We cannot forget the importance of class when speaking about cases like Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y.; Indeed, Matt Taibbi’s latest piece points to this.

– Sarah Jaffe: “Black poverty is state violence, too: Why struggles for criminal justice and living wage are uniting

– New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio believes in the “core notions” of the broken windows theory; Gosh, aren’t progressive Democrats so great? They compromise at the right times.

– After reports of injury and property destruction in the West Coast due to clashes, New York City’s officers prepare for more protests; There’s something funny when the AP runs with windows destroyed as its headline.

We Don’t Need No Education

A new report found 36 college presidents in the U.S. make more than $1 million and the highest was $7.1 million

The Second Sex

– Charles Johnson, some guy who writes or something, published the name of “Jackie” in the Rolling Stone article; Disgusting

– In India, an Uber cab driver was arrested by police for allegedly raping a woman. Authorities said they would also go after the company.

Planet Earth

– The Brazilian government is privatizing some of its water resources for companies to use to fish, which will significantly impact fish farmers

– Juan Cole: “Solar power in US doubles in 2014, Wind now four percent of energy mix

– The first tar sands mine will be constructed in the U.S. by Kellogg, Brown and Root, which was a subsidiary of Halliburton; Who better to know destruction than a former associate of Halliburton?

Mixed Bag

A new study found preferences for highly masculine males or highly masculine females exists only in modern, urbanized societies

– George W. Bush: The grand jury’s decision on the death of Eric Garner is “hard to understand

– The “New Atheists” are just a bunch of reactionaries aiming to work on behalf of imperialists

Break Time

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Eddie Higgins Trio]

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