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Putin:‘Russia will be a sovereign state or cease to exist’ -Warning Will Robinson!!

Putin:‘Russia will be a sovereign state or cease to exist’-This is a statement of fact.

There are no forces in Russia,internally, that would have that country ceasing to exist. Putin is incredibly popular. Putin’s statement ‘Russia will be a sovereign state or cease to exist’ , emphasis on statement, is directed at the west. Sanctions are acts of war. NATO constant march to Russia’s doorstep is an act of war.Ruaai has asked to join NATO for decades(rejected why?) Congress just forwarded legislation that is a virtual declaration of war- Obama, at the UN, declares Russia, Ebola and ISIS the biggest threats to the Well-being  of the world an act of war. ect ect ect ect ect ect

The Russian statement is a declaration to the world that  Russia will not capitulate one inch because of the aforementioned acts of war perpetrated on it by the west and that it is willing to use nuclear weapons to meet its objective of not being subjugated. Russia has enough armaments to blow-up the world  seven times over, the nuclear deterrent. Everyone, except the Elite, will be defeated as the  inevitable outcome.

Russia and China are the last remaining impediments to complete corporate hegemony under one umbrella.  The folks who claimed the New World Order crowd were lunes were the idiots, it is clearly the objective(TTP duh! ).

Most people who have looked at the facts related to the West’s allegations against Russia will find all the usual suspects that are used to  forward military confrontation with another country.

When Putin sought a received a negotiated settlement that stopped the US from bombing Syria and saved untold lives and life sustaining infrastructure he was immediately marked for vilification. If you think that the US was concerned about the Syria people please quit reading this post and just pick up the crack pipe and continue on.

The Russians then sought a peaceful settlement to the civil unrest in Ukraine. Admittedly the US spent 5 billion to install, in a coup, an anti-Russia Government. Then when that government banned the Russia language  spoken by a large region of the country and that region objected the US suggested military force. When that region objected to the coup and subsequent ban we encouraged the Coup government to attack them with their military and have supported the bombing of residential areas. In the process we accuse the Russians of promoting violence.

We all but accused the Russians of being responsible of shooting a civilian airplane out of the sky killing hundreds. The Russians have produced all their radar evidence/ all evidence for consumption by the world, the west makes agreements not to disclose any evidence or findings related to their accusations against the Russians.

On the Ukraine, if the Russians were to do the same as the US did in Yugoslavia they would need to bomb Kiev for months until the government in Kiev agreed to make a new country in the Eastern Ukraine. Then they would Station Russian Troops all over the east of Ukraine for a couple of decades- Forever.

Obama has openly ridiculed Russia exclaiming that the Russia military is no match for  the conventional military power of the US.

Obama has sent thousands of troops, aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons to engage in war games directed at Russia, on Russia’s doorstep. I believe Nigel, of UKIP, has the right question “Have we taken leave of our senses?” Video 1

How this could easily turn into world-ending crisis does not take much of a brain.

We are now vilifying the Putin, The Russians, exactly like we did Iraq,Saddam-Libya,Qaddafi, Syria,Assad. The allegations come with no relationship to the fact or need to support those allegations against whom is being vilified.  Although clearly being the belligerent aggressor the US , in a blatantly false narrative blames Putin ,Assad,ect as the belligerent.

Attacking the country of Iraq and destroying it under false pretense did not give the US pause on its military aggressiveness it accelerated it dramatically. Where they used to feel a need to express concern for the safety of the world  to justify attacking and destroying  a country and a subsequent requirement to help after the destruction they now can attack and completely destroy a country because that country is having a civil, internal dispute and there would be no need after the intervention to rebuild anything you bombed.  See Iraq to Libya-Yes, a dramatic escalation under Obama.

What is the end result of the lessons learned from Iraq- to allow for more of the same with less standard for initiating war, less accountability after. The US acts like they are  not responsible for the violence occurring in Iraq, Libya or Syria- its happening because they are Muslims-it just so happen to coincide with us destroying their countries first.

Russia will die at the alter of the Nuclear gods before submitting the way the US is requiring them to do. That’s a hard fact.

With that set of facts, Noam has it right. WE risk the destruction of the world for what? We have invaded and bombed countries expanded the empire to almost a thousand bases around the world, expanded NATO to Russia’s doorstep despite a promise not to, – in that time Russia has not opened one new base anywhere in the world, has not bombed one country has not invaded one country- when they are heard on the world stage they are always advocating for diplomatic, peaceful deescalation of crisis around the world- The West is advocating war, aggression escalation in most situations.

That is how you get to the end of the world. You have a group of people who attack and occupy countries all over the globe’ the voters  do nothing to stop it despite the aforementioned facts- it is easy to imagine how that escalation through false allegation will lead to devastation, seems inevitable. Only one thing can stop the inevitable, that would be the American Voter. Clearly not up to the task, one only need look in the mirror and ask have I done enough, spoke out enough, spoke out at all against the insanity.

That any Democrat or Republican remains in office when they ALL continue to spew their modified Iraq WMD  propaganda talking points advocating military response to everything,that facilitates war.

Some take solace in the mis-perception that the Elites would not bring on that war because they would suffer with us. That is not true. A large portion of that missing 2 trillion dollars that could not be accounted for in the Pentagon spending, disclosed the day before 9/11 and never mentioned again(video 2). Well kiddies there is a little project called the Continuity of Government, a good portion of that two trillion went to facilitate that rat hole . Representative Sherman laid bare the tip of the iceberg during the financial crisis when he disclosed he and other representatives were instructed on where to go to hide should the financial collapse worsen leading to civil unrest.

You spend trillions because you believe there is a possibility of nuclear war and it can be helpful during civil unrest. If my government is involved in , is unable to prevent nuclear war I dont want them to be rewarded with a continuity of government rats nest to nestle into while the rest of us experience seasonally long nuclear winter.

On war, the America People have proven themselves idiot dupes time and again and the only discernible consistency that can be detected is their willingness to never, ever, ever,ever hold their government accountable at the ballot box.

The end of the world has never been closer. We’ve lost our way.


from the BBC 12/5/2014  -Thousands riot in Haiti

“They burned tyres and threw stones at officers who responded with tear gas.

The protesters want President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to resign and long-overdue elections to be held.

Some protesters accused the US of supporting Haiti’s leadership and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin for help.”

-showing pictures of Haitians holding pictures of Putin



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