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At the Mountaintop, the Evolution of Democracy in the United States

This is how democracy works.

This country has a national election where 36% of the people vote for One Percenters aligned with the Democratic and Republican political parties to “represent” them. Overall the vote is split roughly down the middle with both parties getting about half of the votes. So each major political party received support, through votes, from about 18% of the voting public.

The new Congress doesn’t come to town until January 2015 but that doesn’t stop democracy. The current Congress, which the American people consistently gave an approval rating of less than 10% throughout 2014, continues to work for the people churning out democratic Laws, Acts, and Resolutions.

Two of the latest are shining examples of how blessed we are to have such a fine system of democracy.

House Resolution 938 – Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.

(Basically this is a declaration of war against Russia.)

House Resolution 758 – US-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014, which reflects “the sense of Congress that Israel is a major strategic partner of the United States,” and declares Washington’s “unwavering support” for Israel.

(Basically this is a declaration of war against the planet.)

I think it’s just wonderful that our political system allows all of us the opportunity to participate, via democracy, in the decisions made for this country. We were able to vote for politicians and now those politicians have jumped into action by passing important Resolutions that will protect all of us from tyranny and oppression. I personally feel I had a direct say in these Resolutions, don’t you?

It’s inspiring and the good part is we’re going to have a new Congress next month that will continue to speak and act for the American people. And after the new Congress gets up and running, it will be only a year or so before the official campaigning begins for the 2016 election! It’s like Democracy Wonderland in the United States of Democracy.

I can’t wait. In fact, 2016 is going to be an historic election for this country. Over 240 years since this country declared independence from England and started the greatest democratic experiment in the history of mankind, the 2016 election will mark the culmination of all the hard work the American people have put into achieving democratic perfection.

What better than a Presidential election race between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton to epitomize the democratic progress made in this great country?

Truly, at that time, we will have reached the zenith, the top of the mountain.

Congratulations America!

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