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The Untold Truth on Race Relations

I am of the firm belief that race issues,  are tools of the establishment used to divide us. In the case present the issue should be police brutality, a broad based concept that is an increasingly accepted concept. When you excluded 85% of the population from the group you are advocating for don’t be surprised if your success is on the issue you advocate for does not fair so well as a broad based , inclusive group( see  progressive  record 1980- present).  On the issue of race, the elephant in the room is the divergence in perceptions, attitudes, between the races related to slavery and how that is to be addressed or not addressed.

In large majorities, the Caucasians believe that affirmative action  has been proper and sufficient redress for the issues related to slavery. The Caucasians believe affirmitive action should be ended completely. The general premise being everyone should be treated the same. They are, in most part, winning at the State level and in the courts. Even the Liberals on the Supreme Courts say affirmative action is coming to and end. Bill Clinton’s Mend it dont end it progresses on.

The Black Community believes that they are still suffering from the effects of slavery and white privilege, racism. The Black community, in large part, believes  that reparations related to the previously mentioned are still due and owing. They have largely seen their interests to have been adversely affected or outright ignored on a broad range of grievances.

What is and will continue to exacerbate  the situation is the economic decline of the US. As resources become fewer the battle for those resources will escalate. That will escalate the divide between the races. In other words, there is no good news.

The present protests will have the same cause and effect as Occupy did on the Major Financial institutions, or for that matter any effect at all- please point to it in the comment section so we can all be enlightened.

This is where the “progressives” make their fatal mistake, by not being inclusive.

Rather than Black Lives matter, it should be, Lives matter. The guy they beat to death in Fullerton, the sixteen year old girl leaving a party ect ect ect…… white. I do not make the argument that the Black Community is not disproportionately affected by police brutality, I believe they are. I only make the case for effectiveness, non-effectiveness on how best to address that issue that has such an adverse effect on the Black and other communities. The non-inclusive nature is an incredibly stupid concept that dooms the issue to failure.

If the Black Community were to benefit from the issue being stopping police brutality rather strictly being forwarded as a race issue they would still benefit hugely and proportionately. If the issue were strictly police brutality you would not see it on the news at all(fullerton ect ect). The main stream media serves their corporate masters well by stoking the racial fires.

The drug war disproportionately affects the Black community yet nanny staters have been absent in attempts to end it. How much common sense does it take understand that ending that war for all Americans will be one of the most liberating occurrences the Black Community would enjoy. Liberal nanny staters/conservatives late to the party at best.

A very popular broad-based  message only has a very limited chance of being forwarded to the degree it actually helps the/some people( public option, controlling the borders ect).  The less broad-based the less possibility of being effectual.

Look at history. change This is the case for less government, not more-less police intrusion, less power for the government -big government idiots, when do they act on your behalf-in the comments section please, so we can all be enlightened



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