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Over Easy: Fukushima Update

Reactors are safe because I’m PAID to say they are safe


I hope all had a great holiday weekend and if shopping is your bag I hope you found all the bargains in stock and as advertised.

Two sailors from USS Ronald Reagan dead. The symptoms match radiation exposure, but we’re assured it’s anything but that. I dunno how much longer the USG will be able to maintain this fiction. Though they keep it quiet, a number of countries  have declined  to allow the RR into their harbors. In fact, the RR will be reposting to Japan next year, replacing the George Washington. It seems that Japan is the only country willing to accept the RR and there was much debate before they did so.

Look what they dropped over the weekend in hopes that few would notice: Fuku radiation is hitting FLORIDA harder than Calif. Unless you’re really paranoid, in which case you think that the local reactor is using Fuku to cover up their own emissions.

A good recap of all the plans TEPCO has had to try to stop the flow of hot water to the Pacific. ALL failed. Plan D is to fill the trench with concrete while sucking up all the water that is displaced. So, where will the water flow next? They aren’t plugging the leak, just trying to block the water.

TEPCO has admitted that the plan above will result in “considerable” worker radiation exposure. Further, they admit that the #3 reactor has the same problem, leaking hot stuff into a trench that flows to the ocean. They also admit that they knew that the ice wall was unlikely to work before they even tried it.

The plan now is to flood the reactors to provide shielding while removing fuel. I think TEPCO must be pretending that it simply won’t leak in order to put a plan on the table. There is also quite a bit of detail on how they plan to seal containment. Note that they have not admitted that they will not be able to decontaminate the area yet.

TEPCO claims they have removed all the fuel assemblies from #4 SFP.  We dodged a bullet on this one. A cynic might think the noise about #4 SFP is to distract from the other SFP’s which are in worse shape. That different explosion in #3 (Which I’m tempted to start calling an incursion though that’s unproven) could well have come from the SFP rather than the reactor vessel. And the #1 spf is going to be unapproachable for at least 40 years without some fancy shielding .

TEPCO covered up the scale of the disaster. What was your first clue?

Boxturtle’s Overall Summation:  #1,2,3 are really too hot for humans to approach for any length of time.  It’ll be 2025 or so before we can operate most robots close to the reactors, assuming no new Technology is developed. They are leaking more than 400tons of hot water per day into the Pacific, though they only admit 400. Efforts to stop the leak (they only just admitted to another leak, see above) have been spectacular failures.

It really seems as though TEPCO is  simply going through the motions to avoid admitting that they have no way of handling this and the JG is supporting that for political reasons. The next election is 12/14 where they will fill all the seats in their Parliament. The linked story is VERY favorably slanted toward the ruling party, but the government popularity is 39% and the only think that might save Abe is that the other parties are just as disliked. Sound familiar?

Boxturtle (It’s been forever since CNN said anything about Fuku, yet they have room for this)

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