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Come Saturday Morning: Solar Roadways Is Open for Business

The new home of Solar Roadways

After spending the better part of a decade working extra jobs on the side, hiring part-time and volunteer help when they could, and stretching the occasional bit of grant money as far as it could go, Scott and Julie Brusaw now have, thanks to Indiegogo and Uncle George Takei, a big full-scale facility and the full-time staff to go with it:

We are excited to share the first pic of our new Solar Roadways headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho! We just put our sign up! Thanks to all of the wonderful Indiegogo supporters, we were able to purchase a building with space for both manufacturing and offices.

We have hired our first 3 employees (Electrical/ IT Engineer, Environmental Engineer/Hydrologist and Graphic Artist/Web Developer) and they have been busy helping us with perks and with renovating our building in addition to their other duties (all of us at Solar Roadways wear many hats :)). We will announce our team as soon as it’s complete.

We are still interviewing for other positions and our next focus is a Mechanical Engineer (more resumes welcome). We’ve been having a lot of meetings with potential customers in our new space and we are excited to have a place to welcome visitors. We’ll be announcing a date for an open house as soon as the interior is completely finished.

Their first projects will be for the city of Sandpoint. Next up: The local Amtrak station, among other spots.

It’s a thing, folks. It’s happening.

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