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Obama’s Record on War is A Neo-con Dream

In keeping with his desire to fulfill his 2008 electoral mandate, Obama came to office promising that he would end the war and only engage  in war when it was necessary, smart.

Then he, unsuccessfully,  tried to break the agreement to leave that had been forced on the Bush administration by the Iraqi people.

He increased the use of Drones tenfold by some accounts.

He escalated from 30,000 to almost a 100,000 in Afghanistan.   At his best Bush had fielded 188,000 combat troops-  Obama 208,000.

He kept them there doing what? Then he advocated for then signed an obligation to stay there for ever.

Then he signed an order to continue the war in Afghanistan as being waged, unabated. This has got to be one of the most discrediting actions ever taken by a president. Americans did not want to escalate in Afghanistan. Obama promised the troops would be out in 2014. His authorization to continue combat operations despite his promise to the American people is disgusting enough, but even more profound, he has such disregard for the American People as to not think the issue worthy, no requirement on him  to address that issue with the american people. That makes him such a gross individual.

If you want to understand how the Republicans have a shred of legitimacy, that is how. How does he have an credibility on this issue?

On Iraq, he is back in and plans to keep us there. He is there to get Syria.

Look what he did to Libya? for humanitarian reasons- that country is destroyed

He called Russia one of the top 3 threats to world peace. he is going to arm the Ukrainians

He vilifies the Venezuelans

He supports the embargo on Cuba.

He is doing combat missions in Yemen

he is bombing Pakistan

He has escalated the Military in Africa dramatically

he is droning Somalia

He is advocating for the Saudis as the moderate force for a regional military power to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries

he is set us on a 20 year course of nuclear bomb building that will cost hundreds of billions

he has expanded the military in the South China Sea

Obama exceeded Bush in warmongering when he attacked Libya on a UN Security Council Resolution. He bombed that country into oblivion and then walked away. That was the most prosperous country with the highest of living. It was purely a civil conflict, at least Bush implied there was a threat. In Libya it was direct intervention in a civil conflict. Qaddafi had given up his WMD programs upon the request of the UN, after he did we attacked and destroyed his country. Why would the next despot not think twice about agreeing to voluntarily forgo WMD’s- it makes it less likely one would do so

Now he is getting rid of Hagel and replacing him with Joe Liberman, at some point those who voted for Obama, the Democrats who empower him/them, have to take some responsibility for what they are enabling. Each time I hear the assertion that Republicans are somehow worse  than Obama/Dems I am disheartened from the depth of “I dont get it” it entails. On every major issue Obama is a Blue Dog/Republican at best.

I have posted this before, it sits in my top ten politically clarifying videos. Glenn Ford from the Black Agenda Report does an excellent job of bringing forward the facts.

Also a couple of political moments I am giving thanks for this holiday season. Like Glen says ” our first obligation is to the truth”

At three minutes Weiner asks What value Health Insurance Companies add for their 30% cut? Priceless, they add costs, nobody ever asks that question-it is the seminal question.

The warmonger gets a dose of reality in the form of humiliation.

Jane’s Hamsher addresses political hypocrisy

the Irish lawmaker

Dont tell my mom I’m in Iran


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