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National Day of Indigenous Mourning as Folks in Ferguson and Elsewhere Remember Those Who Won’t Be at the Table

Most of us here have so many reasons to be thankful today, but for far too many, they are forced to look deeply into their hearts beyond their pain and rage, and just be grateful that they can imagine a better world, work toward it, while they consider their crucial activism and caring as…a blessing beyond measure.  And we must not look away from the fact that it’s all rooted in Love. I am grateful for their, and all of your…efforts. Beauty before, beauty behind, beauty above, beauty below, beauty all around…Love will lay hatred down… (adapted by Larry Long from the Diné Beauty Way chant).


“We call it a National Day of Mourning because when the Pilgrims and Columbus all landed over here, that was the end of our lives as we knew them – our land had been stolen,” says Moonanum James, son of Wamsutta. “It was like my father’s speech stated: They opened our graves and they grabbed as much as they could take back.”

Rather than dwell on the sins of the past, the UAINE hopes the National Day of Mourning brings more awarness to the problems facing Native Americans today.

DeRay McKesson in Ferguson: “They’re hitting ppl with barricades.  Watch this video of #StopThe Parade

Elon James White:

“If your Thanksgiving is ruined because of #StopTheParade imagine how Black folks feel when cops stop our lives? Literally.”

Indeed, and also consider how so many First American feel, as well.  And this:

Ferguson activists suggest we all might ‘leave a chair at the table’ for those murdered by police, as well as their loved ones, so wantonly in recent years.  You know the names, and can bring them if you wish.  You might even silently chant their name: Trayvon, Eric, James, Ezell, VonDerritt, Tamir, Kajieme, Michael, Darrien, Akai…and the beat goes on…

But add to the long, long, lists the name DeAndre Joushua, a 20-year-old found dead in the driver’s seat of his car tow nights ago.  The window was blown out by gunfire, as was his life, and the Ferguson police called his death ‘suspicious’.  Oh, my yes; quite suspicious.  He was found on Canfield Drive, close to the place Michael Brown was assassinated, in his car that had had been backed into his driveway.  But what the policed may have not noticed at the time, and later ‘released’ was that grotesquely, his poor body had also been covered with accelerant, and lit on fire.  Suspicious, yes; and hard imagine to erase from one’s mind.  DeAndre had been working at Walmart since he graduated high school last spring.  The fire seemed to have gone out before it consumed his body.  My.stars.

Aside from his family, he is apparently being mourned hard by his friend Dorian Johnson, the friend who was with Michael Brown on that fateful night 109 days ago.

The manner of his death, as well as the apparent moronic means of trying to hide his identity has set my Spidey Senses Tingling.  An obvious hit, but by whom, and why? Given the fact that rumor has it that he was one of the witnesses Bob McCulloch had brought to the Grand Jury, and the rumors that the DoJ might actually open a civil rights case, it’s possible there are people interested in silencing him.  Couple that with the known members of the KKK roaming the streets in St. Louis County, and their stupidity, I know where I’d be looking.  We are positive, of course, that DeAndre’s murder will be fully investigated, and the killers brought to justice.

The smears on his character have begun, and will continue apace.  sigh; here is a photo of him

Thanksgiving in Ferguson will be hard, but hardest for those who seek justice, and are so aggrieved that it is so hard to come by.  The TwitterWorld from activists is full of new and old videos proving the lies and cover-ups by police, both in their neck of the world and beyond, and the incomparable degree of two-tiered justice for people of color.


Beavercreek Police:We ordered #JohnCrawford to drop the gun & fired ONLY after he refused. Video:Killed immediately. (Full Video and 911 Call Released in Death of Man Carrying a Toy Gun, Shot Dead by Police in Walmart)

Or the new video showing police lied about Darrien Hunt’s having ‘brandished a sword at them’.  Hint: he was running for his life.

Those of you who love Brother Cornell West many enjoy him schooling this CNN interviewer in ‘Ferguson Signifies the End of the Age of Obama’.

With thanks to ChéPasa and livestreamer Rebelutionary_Z comes one of the most inspirational, loving, impromptu, militantly nonviolent speeches of the Ferguson movement in this Instagram.  Watch, revel, and be grateful that there are folks like him in the world.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring this graphic video whose message ends in a plea not to shop on Black Friday.  Yes, it’s very hard to watch what police are doing to our brothers and sisters who put their very lives at risk to make the world better in ways that they’ve so long deserved, but have been denied to callously.

Two nights ago, LiveStreamer Bassem Masri was arrested for filming in Ferguson for the umpteenth time.  The purveyors of the fascist dread him and his truth-telling like few others.  His second to the last message before they disappeared him once again was “109 days of threats this shit don’t scare me cowards” His bail this time is $15,000, cash only, and he could use our help if you can spare a few dollars.  This is the fundraising page; $5500 to go. Together, we can make a difference.

As a bit of an antidote, it’s time to hear the newest from Grandpa Elliott and Playing for Change, isn’t it?

And a  Happy Induns Regret Helping Pilgrims Day to you all.

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