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Over Easy: Monday Science

The most practical recipe for turkey begins “First, catch a turkey”

Well, the holiday season begins. First, we have the holiday of Gluttony, then we have the holiday of Greed, then we have the holiday of Drunkenness. What a wonderful country!

Fukushima Update:

They have finally admitted total failure in keeping contaminated water from flowing into the Pacific. They can’t freeze it, their “special cement” didn’t do the job. TEPCO’s next plan is to just pump the water out. To where, I wonder? They are running out of tank space and the #2 basement which an unofficial water storage area is likely the source of the hot water.

TEPCO admits that it’s about 11,000 tons of hot water in the tunnels, rather than 4,000.   They are going to try to use special cement as a wall material rather than a plug material. There is concern that work on the special cement will slow down work on the ice wall. Wait, what? Didn’t we admit the ice wall had failed?

Even the man in charge of the cleanup is not optimistic.

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits Japan.  This is west and slightly south of Fuku.  JG assures us that all their NPP’s are fine, but it turns out that the damage is worse than initially thought. JG says the reactors are still fine. Aftershocks are expected and could be more powerful than the initial earthquake.

From our own Fukushima (Hanford), we learn that workers are becoming very sick, the key doctor will not even consider that Hanford vapor releases might be the cause because “This is industrial medicine and we need to consider the company”. It’ll take you a few minutes, but read all the links. Have a mentioned recently what a wonderful source for things like this ENENEWS is?

The latest news from Space-X. Private space exploration plods along, since NASA has abandoned the manned program. NASA better be finding military/espionage uses for it’s people, or the government will simply phase them out.

Did we outsmart ourselves with our Dark Matter detectors? It’s possible we buried them too deep for that dark matter to trigger them. It depends on how much dark matter actually interacts with real matter and we just don’t know.

Did we really detect the Higgs or some other particle? available data says it was the Higgs, but this is a valid alternate interpretation.

Everybody was looking forward to seeing the central black hole wake up and eat a cloud of gas. It now appears that despite coming within 30 billion kilometers of the event horizon, the cloud escaped. What the heck held it together? That’ll be a question generating years of research.

A biological battery?  Anything that doesn’t use heavy metals and rare materials is a good thing.

Your body odor can identify your political party. Speculate on how the voter ID people might use this to target “bad” voters.

Boxturtle (it is challenging thawing a turkey in your sink when you have kittens)

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