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Chuck Hagel an American Hero- “He took the job to end the war–not start another one,”

One of the few surprises about the Obama Administration was the selection of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Hagel’s record of challenging  Bush’s warmaking was one of the few bright spots for the antiwar brothers and sisters before, during and after the Iraq debacle. Hagel, a war veteran, was one of like three Republicans against the Iraq war, at the time most Democrats were still eating freedom fries.

The likely cause was stated by one of his close associates

From RT

“He took the job to end the war–not start another one,” this associate of Hagel said.


If this is true he is a hero. It would be right in character with the man. He wasn’t going to go along with increased/continued blood-lusting, it is the most logical conclusion.

The bad news, get ready to escalate in/on Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Russia,Yemen,Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela,All of Africa, the South China Sea, Afghanistan,Iraq the Philippines- thank heavens Libya is to  destroyed to escalate in/on.

Best wishes brother Chuck, thanks for your efforts directed at the cause of peace and being man enough not to be a part of something so broken.

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