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The Weekend Roundup for November 22-23rd, 2014

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Hey folks, what are you doing today?

May Marion Barry rest in peace.

International Politics


– The imperialist role of the U.S., without any accountability, will continue with more genocides in the future. Some folks here might see that as obvious, yet it is a tragic part of human history.

– An Iranian official said there is a Plan B, which involves a deal with Russia and China, should talks with the West fail; Meanwhile, both the U.S. and Germany report the agreement is still not ready

Middle East

– The Islamic State is now attacking Sunnis despite originally focusing on Shittes, the terrorist group is essentially a Sunni organization

– In the Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian man and refused to provide a comment to the press about it

– The U.S., realizing the situation in Iraq is still dire, decided to give weapons to the Sunni tribesman in Iraq; If it doesn’t work at first, keep trying!

– Meanwhile, Iraqi forces said they were able to capture two towns from the ISIL; In Baghdad, Iraq, a car bomb killed seven people

– In Israel, the Cabinet approved a bill defining Israel as a Jewish state, this will only fuel tensions in the country

Asia and Oceania

– In Japan, the military made a change in their recruitment by “selling” the experience of being in the military as being like a pop star

– At a volleyball tournament in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber killed 45 people and wounded at least 60


– Most countries in Africa are spending a significant amount of money to obtain arms for security reasons

– In Nigeria, suspected Boko Haram militants killed dozens of civilians in a village although the count is unknown at this point

– In Burkina Faso, a transitional government was announced with some posts filled by military officials


– Russian President Vladimir Putin: The situation in Crimea will “end well” because we are the strongest nation in the world; Also, Putin said he would not be the president for life

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Before we get into the news about what is happening in Mexico, the lack of U.S. coverage reveals where they stand on this issue. By not covering the protests there, the U.S. media avoids a necessary internationalist perspective.

– Unsure as to what led to this in Mexico or wondering about the overall situation in the past weeks? The Nation recaps of all the events here.

– On Thursday, 11 people were arrested after clashes with police in Mexico City and were charged with terrorism.

– One of the questions protesters have is how Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s wife was able to purchase a multi-million dollar home owned by a company that also received contracts from the federal government. His wife announced she will sell her stake in the home.

– What about the 43 missing students? The parents of the students said they will conduct their own investigation after the abysmal failure of Mexican authorities.

Financial Matters

– The mainstream version of finance neglects fundamental parts of our economy which makes it into a very useless theory.

– Companies in Iran hope to have an international agreement because they believe they can grow and prosper

Part two of two with Professor Leo Panitch on how the G-20 economies are trying to respond to the problems of capitalism that they created; Will they solve it? Chances are no.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– In Colombia, U.S. embassy staff attacked General Motors workers who were protesting mistreatment by management. Now, the workers will sue the embassy workers.

– On Tuesday, a former employee of Amazon will go on hunger strike in front of the company’s headquarters in Seattle to protest against the company’s poor treatment of its workers.

– A judge in Illinois ruled a pension reform law (i.e. cuts) was unconstitutional, which means this will go up to the state’s supreme court.

– Behind Taylor Farms, a large corporation that sells fruits and vegetables, is a story of threats to workers and exploitation

Politics US

Washington USA

– Nathan Fuller: “The Disappearing Classified Order

– President Barack Obama: If the GOP does not like my plan on immigration, then they should make their own bill; In a separate note, Obama said voters would want a new and fresh president in 2016

– Thomas Frank: “Phony spin even Fox News won’t buy

Anytown USA

– In Bullitt County, Ky., a fire chief refused to help an African-American family and then insulted an Asian reporter when interviewed.

– In Ferguson, a police commander spoke with some protesters, which signifies a change in police tactics; However, you cannot be too sure with them considering the power base is really nervous

– In Cleveland, Ohio, a 12-year-old boy at a playground held a replica BB gun and was killed by police after assuming it was real; I don’t…what…how…

We Don’t Need No Education

– We should be cautious when advocating for a similar education system as in Europe considering it suffers from its own share of problems.

– Journalist Samantha Winslow writes a brief piece on three prevailing myths on teacher tenure here

The Second Sex

– In Madrid, Spain, anti-abortion demonstrators gathered to protest the government’s recent decision to drop a restrictive abortion law.

– New Jersey is considering a “Yes Means Yes” law as the movement to pass the law slowly grows across the U.S.

Planet Earth

– The state of Washington will sue the federal government for not protecting workers cleaning up nuclear waste

– What is scary in California is how underestimated the drought is in the state. Despite politicians calling for water conservation, there are no signs this crisis will be averted.

– A new report found more than 250 fracking wells across the U.S. use 1o-25 million gallons of water each.

– In upstate New York, some activists were arrested after protesting natural gas projects set for expansion

– The World Bank said it would invest in clean energy in almost all cases because of climate change

Mixed Bag

Part three of three with Emory Douglas, former Black Panther, on relating his experiences during the 1960s and 1970s to contemporary struggles in the U.S.

– New research found it was iron, not climate change, that led to the decline of civilizations during the Bronze Age

– A former NBC employee said he helped cover-up the numerous times Bill Cosby slept with women

Break Time

Funk Del Altiplano [Actitud Maria Marta]

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Brandon Jordan

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