Tonight’s musical interlude is by a charming and talented Irish soul singer – and no, that’s not an oxymoron – named Hozier. Courtesy of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

In other news:

— There’s a new college football rivalry trophy out there: The Bits of Wooden Chair Trophy.

— One of the barriers to clean energy has been the fact that most practical mass energy storage is quite dirty. The research on ‘bio batteries’ could change that.

The deeply moral conservatives of the American Enterprise Institute are saying that the drugging-rape epidemic is a myth. Of course, this is largely because they want to attack a black president’s effort to combat it:

The video is part of a larger campaign by Kitchens and AEI to push back against the growing national movement to combat sexual assault, particularly on college campuses. Eighty-five colleges are currently under federal investigation for mishandling sexual assault on their campuses, and there has been a slew of bipartisan efforts to address campus rape.

Since the Obama Administration made an unprecedented push against campus sexual assault earlier this year, Kitchens and other conservative pundits have been leading the backlash.

And how was your weekend?

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman