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Ferguson: Counterinsurgency Operation Underway

This post is largely by way of Part II of the earlier ‘Tearing the Band-Aid Off’; the comment thread is long, interesting, but rather unwieldy.  If you require links, most I can dig up for you.

The degree to which the massive USian ‘security’ apparatus has been ginning up the idea that there will be riots in Ferguson once the Grand Jury considering three long months of ‘evidence’ and deciding on indictment or not, has indicated ‘not’ in so many ways.  The media and public figures continually try to cover the DA’s and Gov Jay Nixon’s backsides for their corrupt handling of the case, always forgetting that the police could have forced Darren Wilson to actually file a police report on his killing of Michael Brown, and simply with the evidence the public knows…to have arrested him and put him on trial.  Most juries acquit killer cops in any event, given that the bar of ‘fearing for my life, I killed him or her’ is so low.

Now given that 99% of the protestors have been engaging in peaceful protests, and that all violence to actual human beings has come from the police, sheriffs, and state patrol, the admonishments from Eric Holder, the Gov, the police, that protestors not be violent.  Oh, the hypocrisy of the President:

“This is a country that allows everybody to express their views. Allows them to peacefully assemble, to protest actions that they think are unjust,” the President told ABC News in an interview excerpt broadcast on Friday.

But using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are.

Over the past week, the enormous DHS Mobile Command and Control Unit shown above moved into Ferguson, and no, it’s not a Bookmobile.  Over 100 DHS cars did as well, and they had been deemed so secret that a Navy vet who worked at an hotel near where they were hiding and Tweeted about them…was fired from his job.

1000 National Guard troops have mustered around the county for several days, and an additional 400 are coming to St. Louis, as well.  More are on ‘standby’ status as well.

Over the past two days over 100 FBI agents have scurried to Ferguson, as have contingents of ATF troops and SWAT teams, according to CNN.

The Ferguson protestors are in this struggle for the long haul, and are not simply seeking justice for the murder of Michael Brown, but for those of Kajieme Powell, and VonDerritt Myers (whose killer was recently outed), but for not being criminalized for their blackness in general.  Yes, some on the ground are also beginning to realize that some disenfranchised and ‘expendable’ whites are victims of the same sort of oppression and killing by police, and remind us that ‘black power is not anti-white’.

In response to pamplets handed out by the local KKK threatening protestors with killing, #AnonCopWatch and #HoodsOff began UnHooding the local members of the Klan, and have named a few who are police and related to police and the movement to support Darren Wilson and those who’ve raised money for his ‘defense’.  In reaction to Anon, they said they’d terminate anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.  Anon stopped short of giving information provided by an insider who’d convinced them his life would be forfeit; dunno if I should post this piece from Antimedia taking it further, but…it’s on several Twitter feeds already.

At least some of Wilson’s supporters share solidarity with him in meaningful ways.

Two nights ago during a relatively small peaceful protest in sub-freezing temperatures, cops were said to be even more taunting and nasty to folks than before, and when ordered off the street, protestors went into the parking lot of a tire store.  Cops followed.  Several known LiveStreamers were snatched and grabbed, and arrested, sent to jail. Bassem Nasri’s cell phone camera was smashed by a cop.  He later said that they tried hard to get him to turn rat on his comrades, and it pissed him off.  He was on teevee this morning.  ChéPasa said he opened up a can o’ whoopass on Smirk-o-nish.

His Twitter page is going wild with praise!  They seem to be on the lookout for those they believe to be ‘leaders’ and engaging in citizen journalism, without which these days…we would know none of what’s really going on.

Yesterday brought a CBS story claiming that two men ‘associated with’ the New Black Panthers had been arrested, and quickly indicted for purchasing ‘explosives’ in an alleged plot to either blow up the arch, use at protests, or use against police, depending on the version.

They see to have corrected it, but as Reuters, Fox, and other news-o-tainment reports have picked up the original, the damage has been done.  TarheelDem and others will add more they found while sleuthing out CBS executive Mosheh Oinounou and his connections to the Homeland Security Policy apparatus who was responsible for the lemon-yellow journalism.  The NBPP has responded to the lies and frame up.

So: why the full spectrum dominance at play?  One might speculate that the PTB are ginning up a modern Nat Turner slave rebellion, rather easy in this post-racial nation to do.  Scary black thugs who deserve what they get! and such.  It’s also an occasion to make an Object Lesson of what happens to those who dare to dissent, as with the rapid fire national group violent shut-downs of Occupy encampments.  Dissent has now been criminalized, and protestors of any stripe are now deemed ‘terrorists’ by the state.  That’s a damned scary development, and the window is closing fast.  How many other Constitution-free zones are there (besides the 100-miles from all US borders one) soon?  How many more States of National ‘Emergency’ will be declared as in Ferguson County if other hundred planned cities dissent the likely non-indictment of Darren Wilson?


For the brave and committed protestor in Ferguson and all over the world:  I love you, your courage, your dedication to peace, and knowledge that ‘dissent often equals self-care.’  Stay resolute; a lot of us are with you in spirit, and might be able to send some bucks your way to help.  (see below*)

* To contribute to the Ferguson Bail Support Fund; new: Winter Gear For #Ferguson; Help Us Help Us All!  They are indeed in it for the long hall.  This, in a city with no homeless shelter, no jobs, and in sub-freezing weather.  Imagine the costs the cities are choosing to incur to protect One Killer Cop.  LiveStreamers have aked for financial help; I;ll provide a link when I find it again.  ‘Help Basem Nasri get him another (phone) here: …

Here’s a list of SUPPLIES that will be spread out at Safe Sanctuaries following the Grand Jury Announcement … #ferguson

Bassem also said:

‘If any1 wants to send anything to me can send to this PO box 27237 saint Louis 63111 thanks again for everything I love u all #Ferguson’

Geeze; if all of us could send him or others even a fiver or so..sooner or later it would add up to…okay, chickenfeed, but even chickenfeed’s better ‘n nothin’!

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