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The Roundup for November 21st, 2014

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Enjoy your weekend folks! James Risen will be here tomorrow to discuss his new book and James Gustave Speth will be here on Sunday with his memoir.

International Politics


– Vice President Joe Biden: Russia risks “greater isolation” if it refuses to respect September’s agreement over Ukraine

– Attorney Michael Ratner joins The Real News to talk about the glimmer of hope in Julian Assange’s case as appeals are underway

– Despite the Schools of the Americas being renamed years ago, their efforts still are to defend reactionary forces

Middle East

– Months after a unity government between Fatah and Hamas was announced, the latter is threatening a vote of no confidence against Mahmoud Abbas and co. for failing to lead

Asia and Oceania

– With scandals and Japan entering a recession, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved the lower house of parliament for elections next month


– Uh-oh. Editors in Egypt pledged not to criticize any institution in the country; Still, as the article notes, some journalists are dissenting

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– A new report found racial profiling still occuring in Toronto, Canada, despite the civilian review board taking action against it. Activist Sabrina GoPaul talks about the new report and provides context for the role of police in the city here.

Part one of two with economist Richard Kozul-Wright on alternatives to neoliberalism and controlling development

– Leaders of some Latin American countries praised President Barack Obama for his immigration plan.

Surveillance Planet

– The state of Utah is considering cutting off all water to an NSA facility to protest mass surveillance

Financial Matters

– Professor Leo Panitch joins The Real News to discuss the G-20 summit and how officials are slowly realizing their governments need to be more active

– “The only thing we know is that things will get worse”: The Petrobras scandal will persist for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and it will not be resolved quickly

– The European Union wants Google to unbundle its search engine from the other products it controls

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Taxi drivers in New York called for Uber’s license to be suspended after it was found the company tracked a Buzzfeed journalist

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: The Postal Service was the highest preferred out of all governmental agencies, incredibly with the most support among the youth.

– Now that President Obama delivered his plan on immigration reform yesterday, undocumented immigrants in Western states (and mostly from Mexico) will benefit under the executive order

– Still, journalist Michelle Chen asks an important question: “What Will Happen to the Immigrants Left Out of Obama’s Executive Actions?“; They always have churches to help them

– Hillary Clinton, who avoided any discussion of immigration in the past year, suddenly praises President Obama’s plan

– Speaking of Clinton, some of her supporters are meeting to get funds ready for the 2016 presidential election; I envision $8 billion spent in the 2016 presidential elections

– Another lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act appeared, this time by Republicans in the House

Anytown USA

– Gallup: Sixty-three percent of Americans believe there is more crime occurring this year compared to last year

– In New York City, NYPD officers beat up a 20-year-old man who jumped a subway turnstile; Meanwhile, a rookie NYPD officer accidentally killed an unarmed man

– With the grand jury decision close to being officially announced, officer Darren Wilson is considering resigning from his position; Too little, too late

– Jason Leopold: “‘This Is Similar to the way Jesus Was Treated’: Letters to Missouri Governor Shed Light on Racial Tensions in Ferguson Aftermath

We Don’t Need No Education

– A court in Michigan ruled the state is not responsible for the quality of public education; I don’t…how can…but…

– In the U.K., students demonstrated in the streets for free higher education throughout the country

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– A Center for Disease Control study found 90 percent of Americans who frequently drink are not alcoholics

The Second Sex

– The women sharing their abortion stories online can provide a helpful voice in the debate on choice

– Old Navy refused to reduce high prices on its plus-sized jeans for women despite the outcry from customers, they do not charge higher prices for large sizes in menswear

– Roxane Gay: “Bill Cosby and the rape accusers: stop looking away and start believing women

Planet Earth

– NRG, one the largest energy companies in the U.S., announced it would drastically reduce its carbon emissions by 90 percent.

– Despite Wal-Mart parading itself as a company putting emphasis on alternative energy, a new report reveals they have been barely using alternative energy sources

– With murders of indigenous leaders in Peru’s forests, it forces discussions of environmental policies surrounding the logging efforts in the country

Mixed Bag

– Reza Aslan: “Sam Harris and ‘New Atheists’ aren’t new, aren’t even atheists

– A company is suing journalists for reporting accurately, but critically, on them, using the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

– David Sirota: “Journalists Aren’t Covering Local Elections. Our Democracy Is Suffering Because of It.

– This short, but sweet story is about speed dating where participants wear paper bags over their heads to emphasize personality rather than looks

– A FIFA official said the prospects of boycotting the 2018 World Cup in Russia were very slim

Break Time

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