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Should Si Se Puede, Jackasses! apply…

Should Si Se Puede, Jackasses! Apply to America’s conservatives?

With all the angst and anguish being expressed by the Conservatives, albeit, Republicans and Democrats alike, going to establish a message that encompasses a “reach out” for attracting Latino votes in the 2016 elections, especially when Latinos know full well that the Republicans in the House, and Speaker Boehner in particular, sat on the Senate-approved immigration bill for these past 17 months?

The reality for attracting Latino votes by the Republicans and a tad of Democrats, is not going to have much if any impact in the forthcoming elections of 2016, given that gerrymandering is still having a powerful effect all across America and followed by the subtext for the obvious and ongoing voter disenfranchisement efforts that continues to occur all across the Southern States.

Thus, the “push back” by the Progressive Movement is still coalescing and will begin to make its impact felt in the ‘primaries’ of the 2016 elections and where the well-camouflaged conservative Democrats will have to undergo their respective and localized purity tests for political viability. And perhaps, a progressive Democrat will be elected to the United States Senate and lead to the formal establishment of a Progressive Caucus in the United States Senate and thusly, a progressive political platform is established for this nationalized Progressive Movement.

Regardless, Hope is being born among Progressives and which will provide the requisite fig leaf that deflects America’s constant urge to express itself when it comes to today’s exposed and arterial bleeding that is bigotry and racism. Or perhaps, we, the Latinos, fail to recognize that “holding the reins on the Taxpayer’s Purse” is our current blind spot?  If so, our “unmet” Need can  be effectively addressed by requiring all eligible adults voting in the next election cycle and with very few exceptions permitted.



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