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Obama to Oregon Voters: Not! – You Will Give Illegal Immigrants Licenses, Incur all Costs

The Federal Government is forcing State and local governments to incur the costs of supplying corporations with cheap labor and to make sure wages never rise.

The voters of Oregon just voted to deny illegal immigrants licenses. They will be forced to give them licenses now. If the Democracts keep working at it they will put Rand Paul in the White House. There is little to no difference between the two parties, this is a big difference of the parties.

Even for legal immigrants this action will adversely  affect them.  They have awaken the sleeping giant.

The economy will remain poor. The illegals, and to some degree, all immigrants will be branded as the cause of that bad economy. That has some merit as Obama has just legalized more people than jobs he created under his administration. In defense of Obama they are low wage jobs that replaced the disappearing middle class jobs and he has tried with every bit of his  might and stealth to pass trade agreements that would solidify those low wages and give complete power to the multi-national corporations.

There was a growing trend in the State legislatures to take care of the excessive burdens communities are laboring under due to the immense costs of illegal immigration.  The Feds made the re-importation of  once legal prescription drugs illegal. costing the taxpayers/ consumers hundreds of billions of dollars. In a reversal, they have now legalized illegal immigration forcing the states to incur billions in costs.

thats ok, shut down a couple hospitals, cut music class, field trips, sorry no higher education for you, meals on wheels, dont build that, we cant do that anymore ect- there are real costs- this isnt la la land.

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