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Late Night: Ferguson: Tearing the Band-Aid Off Racism and the Police State; GJ Announcement to Come Soon?

How many in this nation are courageous enough even to face the truth, much less protest it, or join in solidarity with all the oppressed who are denied justice in Ferguson, and all the other Fergusons across the land?  Are you and they…willing to imagine being in the black underclass, living in a place where dissent has been deemed ‘terrorism’, or that municipal courts use trumped up charges and fines as a way to fill their coffers (think: Negro- and Pauper-farming)?  Where one might be stopped and searched a hundred times in a year, as still happens in NYC?  Or dispatched like rabid dogs as in ABQ, NYC, or anywhere else in this ‘exceptional land.  Can we be in solidarity with them is any material way?  Often that’s all that’s left to us so far away.  More on those ways at the bottom…

To dispense with the reported timing of the Darren Wilson Grand Jury’s coming announcement, according to CNN’s ‘sources’…  the Grand Jury will meet Friday for what might be its final session, and a decision on whether or not to indict Wilson could come that day, LEOs briefed on the plans said.

St. Louis County prosecutors are preparing to present more evidence to the grand jury before starting deliberations, and a decision on an indictment is expected soon after, the law enforcement officials said.

If a decision comes Friday, prosecutors are expected to provide law enforcement with 48 hours notice before making a public announcement, possibly on Sunday. announcement, possibly on Sunday.’

…putting aid to the notion that the grand jurors will decide when they’ve seen or heard enough evidence.  The current plans could still change and prosecutors could shift the planned grand jury session, the officials said.  More disinformation?  Who knows?  He and the PTB can keep ‘providing evidence’ until Jan.1.

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