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Oregon Voters- Legalize Pot, 2/3’s Say No to Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

As the voters of Oregon were legalizing marijuana they overwhelmingly voted to reverse their  Republican/Democrat overlords recently passed law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses in the state of Oregon. The supporters of the illegal immigrant licenses out spent the grassroots advocates 10 to 1. Oregon is not a conservative state. The referendum for marijuana should have helped, but it didn’t. Almost every politician had supported the illegal immigrants. The big cash and media were on their side, it didn’t help.

There are huge costs to illegal immigration. People with a brain understand that. The countries with the highest standard of living, ALL, without exception, allow virtually no illegal immigration to their countries because of the huge costs.

The open borders crowd would deliver this country into third world status in a flash. The voters of Oregon realize that and it was reflected in their vote to deny the licenses.

Obama waited till after the election to forward amnesty, not because it would help the open borders crowd, because it would adversely effect them.

When there is a straight forward question, put to the voters, related to illegal immigration, illegal immigration loses every time.

The racist illegal-hating pot heads in Oregon doesn’t have much resonance. The delusion that many on this site have that the American people are clamoring to legalize 12 million illegal immigrants at astronomical costs so they can hasten their children’s slide into third world status is tea-partyish in its depth of delusion.

The illegal immigrants that come to this country do so for a better life, a noble cause. Open borders immigration is bad for workers, bad for the next generation except in la la land where importing the poor is a model for economic success.  Oregon got it right.

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