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Over Easy: Monday Science

Channeling Radioactive water, TEPCO style!

Good Morning All!

We got about 4″ of snow and more coming, so everything is closed. I have Trouble assisting me on this post, as we try to keep from waking anybody else up. Trouble thinks he’s a parrot and is roosting on my shoulder.

Fukushima Update:

Arne Gundersen reports that Doctors in Japan are being threatened to keep radiation related illnesses quiet. Arne is a very reliable source, but he provides no evidence other than his statements. Still, I heave read this from other sources, though I don’t recall any Dr’s being cited by name as being repressed.

At least 400tons (100,000 GALLONS)/day of hot water is still pouring into the Pacific.  Nearly all the workers are focused on the water problem, leaving almost nobody working on the rest of the plant. The ice wall is a failure, though TEPCO is still working on it as it’s the only idea they have.

They have successfully tested their ALPS system to remove radioactives (except tritium) from the water.

Reactor #1 and reactor #2 entry has been delayed for at least another 5 years. It wouldn’t shock me if those reactors were simply sealed up and left to rot.

And that Hot Water is getting hotter. 40000% increase over the last month. Read the comments, there’s good information there. The point about the radiation form the tanks is very valid, as the amount of beta emitters increases, the amount of Xrays given off by the tank itself increase. Those tanks may become unsafe to approach at all, as it is they limit close exposure to just long enough to inspect. And those are quick inspections.

Sorry for the short post today, I slept in with the snow day and just ran out of time!

Boxturtle (I hate snow)


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