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Protests Roil Mexico

An act so hideous that it is being rejected as beyond credulity by parents of murdered young men has become the force that unites the Mexican public against longterm corruption and criminal involvement by all levels of their governments and the police forces throughout the country. Gang members have confessed to murdering the students after they were handed to them by police acting on orders of the Mayor of Iguala, Mexico.  Speculation about a popular revolution emerging has fascinated the world; Chile’s families of missing kids had a great deal to do with Pinochet’s departure.

The gang members have not only confessed to the students’ murder, but to many more disappearances and homicides in the Iguala region since Pineda and her husband came to power two years ago.

Pineda is now facing charges of homicide, association with organised crime and the forced disappearance of 43 students.


‘We live in a system where the guilty and rich get away with their crimes, while the innocent and poor are persecuted and murdered for speaking out against the corruption’, said Crisforo Rodriguez, a local political activist.

The probable murders of the students have sparked protests around the country. In recent weeks tens of thousands of others in have taken to the streets of Mexico City and the southwestern state of Guerrero, where the students were abducted, to condemn the government’s handling of the case.

China and the U.S. reached an unprecedented agreement on global emission reduction, with China setting 2030 as its peak for fossil fuel pollution, a goal long sought.   Critics complained about a lack of identified steps and procedures, that did not satisfy environmental activists.

“A lot of us see it as a step in the right direction, but we’re planning to send the message that this isn’t enough,” said Karthik Ganapathy, the U.S. communications director of, a network of grassroots climate action groups. “It’s a non-binding agreement so now we have to set policy to put this plan into action.”

The U.S. part of the plan calls for a 26 to 28 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 based on 2005 levels. That’s a big increase from Obama’s earlier goal of reducing emissions 17 percent by 2020.

The Chinese side of the agreement skirts commitments to cutting emissions in favor of capping them, saying that China will commit to ensuring its emissions peak by 2030.

“It’s a big deal,” said Erika Rosenthal, the international climate attorney for EarthJustice, a group of environmental lawyers. “The world’s two biggest carbon emitters have really set an enormously encouraging tone.”

Six banks have been fined 2.6 BN pounds for manipulating foreign exchange rates to produce a profit rather than in terms of actual values, by U.S. and UK regulators acting after an investigation into the practice.

FCA boss Martin Wheatley told the BBC: “This isn’t the end of the story.”

“The individuals themselves will face the consequences,” he said.

Several senior traders at the banks have already been put on leave and the Serious Fraud Office is in the process of preparing potential criminal charges against those alleged to have masterminded the scheme.


Photo by Juan Blanco under Creative Commons license

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Ruth Calvo

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