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After MIT economist and consultant Jonathan Gruber was revealed on video to have said selling Obamacare involved being dishonest and that American voters were stupid it is not surprising that elected officials are trying to distance themselves from him. Gruber was a consultant on the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” and his analysis was used to argue in favor of the bill so, unfortunately for them, there is an archived history of Gruber’s association with many members of Congress including leadership.

Enter House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who reportedly claimed not to know who Gruber was and said he did not help write the bill at a weekly press briefing.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) sought Thursday to distance herself and her caucus from Jonathan Gruber, the economist who has caused a stir with comments that seemed to suggest the federal health-care law was created in a deceptive way.“I don’t know who he is. He didn’t help write our bill,” she told reporters at her weekly briefing.

Congressional Republicans have raised the possibility they could call Gruber to testify about his remarks. Gruber, who helped the Obama administration craft the Affordable Care Act, said last year the “stupidity of the American voter” and a “lack of transparency” over the way it is funded were advantages in the passage of the law. The comments only recently received widespread public attention.

If Pelosi honestly doesn’t know who he is, she should. Gruber was cited by name on Nancy Pelosi’s own leadership website as part of a “mythbusting” campaign in 2009. The claim that Gruber did not write the bill is also problematic as he has been publicly cited as helping write at least parts of the law. Gruber was also consulted on the Massachusetts law which Obamacare is largely based on – aka “Romneycare.”

Trying to pretend Gruber had no part in crafting Obamacare or that you have never heard of him despite considerable evidence to the contrary does sound like someone who is relying on a lack of transparency and the stupidity of the American voter – doesn’t it?

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.