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Music Radio

One of the places I got to visit when I was living in Florida was The Lightner Museum housed in the front two thirds of the historic Hotel Alcazar building in downtown St. Augustine Florida. Built by Henry Flagler as was The Ponce de Leon Hotel which now houses Flagler College.

The museum contains many, many rooms each dedicate to various antiques. On that is all crystal another porcelain and the music room. The music room contains many antiques instruments as well as old phonographs and gramophones as well as music boxers. Some small, some medium table top and others quite large and intricate using metal discs with punched holes for each melody .  And some containing full sized instruments or even organ pipes.

The back of the museum contains little shops and such. And the Café Alcazar. All built into the Alcazar Pool. I have eaten lunch there and it’s quite good. Worth the trip if one is in Central Florida.

I like most forms of music but generally listen to what they now call “Oldies” but also like some jaz and blues and R&B and country and rock. I cna thank my cousin Matthew for turning me on to Frank Zappa and The Fugs. My friends and I would would sit in a dorm room and listen to Emerson, Lake and Palmer while pouring over computer print outs.

Warner Brother animation helped me appreciate opera. Victor Borge to help me appreciate classical music.

Music and what I would listen to had a lot to do with my emotional state at the time. and [to a lesser extent] vice versa. I like big band like Glenn Miller and folk as well. My father bought a tape recorder when I was young. Got bored with it and gave it to me. It wasn’t long before I leaned the correct way to hook it up to my radio and record music off the radio.

When I was attending college I became the sound and special effects wizard and would choose the music for pre show and post show for the productions. Like Melanie Safka  for the Play “Ex Miss Copper Queen on A Set of Pills.’. The director thought it perfect.

Music can have a very profound effect on a situation. It can bring you up and put you down. It can inspire and motivate. Trigger and accentuate.

I never learned to play a musical instrument. Simply because I was never motivated enough to put the time and energy required to master one. So I would up concentrating on the technical end or audio and sound.

Why and whether I like something or not I could not tell you. Was not that fond of John Lennon’s Imagine for a long while until I heard in a particular situation. As the last song played on WABC before they went News Talk.  I am not ashamed to say that certain songs and pieces of music and get me quite emotional.

So what’s on your minds Firedogs ?



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