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Today’s Veterans Day and Tomorrow’s Context for Power Politics…

In a wide-ranging discussion on the “results” of last week’s Election, much has been written and said, and yet, these results are the furthering outcome that came from the gerrymandering that takes place every decade (2000-2001) when the congressional districts are geographically designed, either in favor of the Republicans, or in favor of the Democrats, and thusly, the established Legacy Parties.

Of course, there are others who adamantly disagree and subsequently, express themselves in the following and via my good friend and my Fellow Brother of Shared Experiences, Ohio Barbarian.  To wit, he says:

“Ever since the decline of the American Empire really got going with the Oil Embargo of October, 1973, the Democratic Party has been sliding more or less steadily to the Right, and by that I mean toward the interests of capitalists.  This trend really accelerated during the Clinton Administration, and has been going full-throttle ever since.

“The Democrats have masked this slide to the right by using identity politics as a way to get voters whose economic interests are diametrically opposed to the interests of the Democrats’ big money donors, to turn out and vote for them anyway.”

And of course, Ohio Barbarian is correct  and to be highly  commended, and thusly, my Tip of the Hat!

Consequently, the “discussion” that is focused on the politics of “class” versus the politics of “identity” and which will continue to be with us for many years to come, is soon to come into a collision course when viewed by future historians. And as such, the rascally Progressives versus the rascally Constitutional Conservatives, is the subset of today’s toxic politics, and is at its worst or at its best, depending on one’s proclivity for voting, unhindered or even for being disenfranchised, to say the least.

Now, permit me to transfer this “discussion” onto the Sonoran Desert, and thusly, the ‘results’ of Election Day’s almost inconsequential vote in which the majority of Arizonans casting their respective votes, took the ’decision’ to approve, by a slim majority, Proposition 122.  This Proposition, now embedded into the state’s Constitution and which permits the State Legislature and the Governor to “oppose” and virtually in all cases, to avoid or to  challenge all federal laws not to Arizona’s conservative pre-disposition or liking.   In effect, “state’s rights” are now legal and in Arizona’s Public Laws.

And put in proper context, Proposition 122, will soon be followed with another potential law in which “securing the border” can be effectively achieved.  Or to circumvent or “do an end run” on federalism, will come in the form for a challenged the Posse Comitatus Act, and if found successful, the National Guard can be sent down to the Mexico/USA border by virtue of having a “law enforcement function and authority” that is executed to the certain degree of intent, anticipated by constitutional conservatives, a “martial law” can be declared by either the State Legislature or the Office of the Governor.  And welcome to the “new” Internment Camps for political dissidents.

Long story short, Arizona’s rank and file Republicans hoisted the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio onto their shoulders and carried him across the goal line.  (And sorry about my use of a sports colloquialism among the football aficionado and with no ‘dissing’ presumed.) And to think that “class” pitted against “identity” is relevant, when speaking to the standpoint of a prevalent and nationalistic agenda, is not so, amongst us, the Native Americans and Chicanos here  in our pristine and geographical region, the Sonoran Desert.

Note: Originally posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization.

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