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Hey folks. Looks like a busy week for me with four midterms. Still, I’m confident it won’t affect the Roundup too much.

International Politics


– The status of the Islamic State’s head is unclear at the moment after an airstrike may or may not have injured him

– With President Barack Obama visiting China for a summit, Chinese officials will take advantage of Obama’s dwindling power to further their agenda

– Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told Russian President Vladimir Putin he must have a role in establishing peace in Ukraine

Middle East

– Economist Shir Hever and scholar Phyllis Bennis join The Real News to discuss the political and economics aspects of the U.S.-Israel relationship and why Israel only focuses on the military aid from the U.S.

– The life of fishermen in Gaza is harsh with many in poverty and facing brutal Israeli oppression every day

– An Iraqi Shiite cleric claimed corruption’s the reason the ISIL is able to defeat the Iraqi army

– The Obama administration called more than 1,500 troops heading to Iraq a new “phase” in the war against the ISIL; I’m sure ISIL is shaking in their boots for phase two. Don’t even mention phase three!

Asia and Oceania

This article definitely presents justified criticism of the demonstrators in Hong Kong. Moreover, seeing the comments made by some of the protesters highlights ignorance among some folks there.


– The U.K. had a program to train soldiers in Libya after the fall of Qaddafi. It failed miserably after scandals plagued the program.

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