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“The Nine Billion Dollar Witness” from Matt Taibbi

You may already know about this Eric Holder story Matt Taibbi was about to publish at his new magazine The Racket, part of Pierre Omidyar’s First Look transformational and fierce investigative journalism’s quarter-of-a-billion dollar venture.  If you didn’t know that he and Pierre parted ways a few days ago, here is The Intercept’s ‘Inside Story’ about it.  Make of it what you will, of course; Yves Smith asked some very pertinent questions about ‘the slugfest,’ imo.  The rest of the interview is here, as is the transcript. (Sorry, this is all that’s up on youtube.)

A few comments about the interview: One is that Matt obviously muzzled himself when Amy asked about why he left Pierre’s Place.  One wonders if he (highly likely) had signed a confidentiality agreement and considers that Pierre’s legal team could tie him up in court forever after if he were to go public with anything; which might mean we’ll never hear his side of the story. But his Rolling Stone exposé The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare does mention Fleichman’s agreement with Chase which she bravely, if nervously, skated by in the interview:

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