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Late Night: Twitter Fight!

What a jerk.

Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino has baby-thin skin.

A chest-thumping Fox Business correspondent went berserk on a CNBC talking head Friday, leading a searing Twitter battle appearing straight out of a school yard.

It all started when Business Insider’s Julia La Roche tweeted a pic from Gasparino’s new he-man promo campaign (which I’m thinkin’ he crafted himself because what says breaking news more than a sledgehammer. He shoulda went with the wife-beater, tho).

To which CNBC’s Ron Insana rivally replied:

[CNBC’s] David Faber breaks news … ALL others follow!

WELL! The nerve!

And it actually went all the way downhill from there:

Julia La Roche posted the whole tirade. It’s like Gasbag was all hopped up on “T” or something. Any other network he’d be out of a job, or at least standing in the corner for a spell.

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