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Navy SEAL Announces He Killed Osama Bin Laden, Account Disputed

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Though the Navy SEAL team that was responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden was supposed to keep the details about the operation and their participation in it secret, multiple members have now stepped forward to tell their story. The latest SEAL to step forward is Robert O’Neill who claims to have been the one to have shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.

The details of what happened on the Bin Laden raid first came to light when another SEAL on the raid, Matt Bissonnette, wrote a book about the operation called No Easy Day under the pen name Mark Owen. Bissonette’s book and subsequent interview with 60 Minutes led to a still on-going instigation being initiated by the Department of Defense. In the book Bissonette credits another SEAL team member, not O’Neill, with killing Bin Laden.

The disclosures by two SEALs of a purportedly secret operation has led to Naval Special Warfare Command issuing a letter reiterating the principle of classified information and claiming that special operation forces have a duty to keep the information they know a secret.

In a letter signed by both the senior commander and enlisted man of Naval Special Warfare Command, the SEAL leadership emphasized that the majority of SEALs spend each day living up to the label “quiet professionals.” Unspoken is the implication that the former SEAL, who is in fact, former Red Squadron SEAL Robert O’Neill, is seeking notoriety for his own story.

The two SEAL leaders go on to point out that members of the Naval Special Warfare community not only serve alongside other U.S. military members, but also other U.S. government agencies and foreign allies. “Little individual credit” is ever given, according to the letter, due to the “nature of our profession.” The two also point out the years of hard work that go into operations like the one that targeted Bin Ladin, seemingly defying one or two individual shooters’ claims on the glory and fame that result

Bissonette passed on disputing O’Neill’s account of the Bin Laden raid despite it contradicting his own but did say when he first faced criticism for violating his oath of secrecy vis a vis details about the operation that “Everybody and their brother was talking about this.” A not so subtle reference to leaks about the operation from the White House.

Robert O’Neill will tell his story in an interview that will air this month on Fox News. An imprudently worded press release about the interview by Fox News earlier this week is believed to have given away enough information for other news organizations to have put the story together before the interview airs.

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Dan Wright

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