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Obama Agrees with Republicans: Will Abolish Obamacare

President Obama announced today that in the spirit of bi-partisanship he will agree to repeal Obamacare.
The press release follows:

President Obama, after reviewing the overall effectiveness of Obamacare as a serious health care service for the US, has decided it falls so far short of any reasonable health program that it must IMMEDIATELY be repealed and replaced, with a much more inclusive bipartisan program which will attract the support new Permanent (Gerrymandered) Republican majority.

The combination of lack of Medicaid for a huge percentage of the poor, along with narrow networks and expensive subsidies make it ineffective for over 50% of those who could benefit from the program, if it were properly designed.

“We have proved, beyond a shadow of doubt that the original Republican, and Heritage Foundation ideas are worthless, and CANNOT be implemented in either a cost effective or expeditious manner,” an unnamed (and possibly unreliable) source says that he heard him say.

In addition the patchwork quilt of publicly-funded healthcare for the poor, children and seniors, coupled with a rent extraction or upward wealth transfer system for those who generally do not become ill, only serves to enrich President Obama’s preferred constituency, the wealthy, by maximizing administrative costs.

The proposed replacement for the Alternative Care Act is to repeal the 13th through 19rd amendments to the Constitution, and re-enslave all those who are takers. In addition the republicans and President Obama will focus on helping the Republican backed pending Corwin Amendment to the US constitution become ratified, in exchange for Republican support to ratify the current round of Trade Treaties. The makers can then enjoy the fruits of their (and others’) Labor, and increase their wealth by manufacturing products and services for only themselves. The amendment effectively rolls the United States back to the Mid-19th Century, which is the preferred period for a majority of states governed by a Republican State Government.

This approach also resolves all union issues, because existing unions will be replaced by government edict. The new union, the Slaves Union will only preserve property owners’ rights, and will be equipped with the finest enforcement tools we can provide, from the Pentagon’s surplus equipment pool. It will also be very inclusive, because nearly all the 90% will be slaves.

This will also end Police brutality on American Citizens of Color, because there will not be any American citizens of Color to be persecuted. See the Slaves’ Union website for details.

The savings from the cost of the ACA and all other welfare programs will now be privatized in a single all-inclusive measure; we believe this will provide the New American Citizens with immense new levels of wealth, at the expense of the Unfortunate masses.

In a related measure, Carbon Dioxide emissions will be cut by 90% in the United States, because persons of the slave class will not be allowed to own, drive or use any form of petroleum-powered machine except in the service of their masters. It will also solve the violence issues caused by Citizens’ use of the 2nd amendment, because there will be far fewer citizens to enjoy civil rights. Slaves are not citizens.

The shares of American Automobile Manufacturers dropped sharply on this news, and Warren Buffet, who was expecting this set of measures, announced his purchase of General Motors’ Rump business, to be renamed “Berkshire Hathaway General’s Motor” to indicate its market niche. The new logo will feature BHGM as the new corporate initials. GM expressed relief that they were bought by Berkshire Hathaway instead of a company with corporate initials KKR or even KKK.

President Obama also is announcing his new foundation, to be based in Canada for slave evasion and tax purposes. He will relocate to eastern Canada after the Alternative Citizens Act becomes effective in January 2016. His foundation will be named “The Preservation Foundation” and will be focused on on guiding the current progressive Canadian Government by helping its first nations in to enjoy the same rights as the First Peoples of the United States.

President Obama’s treatment of Indigenous people all over the world, for example Yemen, Somalia, and the Pakistan Tribal Areas, is a reflection of his sincere interest in people, and his expression of “noblesse oblige or else” to people beneath him.

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