This is what is happening in Novorossiya….this is what the US government and media would prefer you didn’t see 🙂

The following You Tube videos prove that thousands of peaceful, enthusiastic voters took to the streets of the formerly East Ukraine to denounce the Kiev coup imposed government that has been bombing and killing their families. The videos show massive lines of men, women and elderly people and includes testimony from a US election observer (a man of color) who was one of over 70 election observers from over 20 countries. No anomalies were observed unlike the elections held by the Kiev government last week. During the election the Right Sector Nazi battalions of the Kiev military kept bombing and even destroyed a school as proven by the video at the bottom below, which they filmed themselves.

Each of these videos from separate locations shows voting lines thousands of people long.

In the following picture and subsequent video, British reporter Graham Philips (a stringer for RT, Canal in France and Politico in the US as well as a pro Novorossiya supporter) shows us the beautiful ‘terrorists’ of Donetsk. These are the children and teachers the US has supported the bombing of. US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki has stated on camera that Kiev has ‘every right to conduct the bombing of them and their homes in order to maintain it’s borders and that these people have no right to vote to secede from the fascist Kiev regime.’

The following two videos show the testimonies of the International Observation Committee.

US election observer testimony.

The Kiev regimes military destroys a Russian language school during the elections. They do this just for the sake of it. There is no battle taking place in this video, just pure hatred and hooliganism. This what they do to the schools of the ethnic Russian population. This is why Crimea was wise to secede early and Novorossiya is wise to seek secession now.

Yahoo and AFP ran a story on it’s front page all day Friday about the Kiev Nazi battalions and the atrocities they have conducted against innocent civilians.

In West Ukraine they are now implementing ‘lustration’ against all ethnic Russian people and even throwing women politicians into trash dumpsters. This video shows 20 men terrorizing one woman and slamming the garbage bin lid on her head before she is rescued by another woman. This is the side the US is supporting. This is the ‘freedom’ the US is touting. Due to ‘lustration’ ethnic Russians were not allowed to participate in the Kiev elections. That is not democracy. That is fascism.

Even Vice News (a pro Kiev/US propaganda outfit) footage proves that the Kiev ran elections were no where on the scale of openness and enthusiasm as the election in Donetsk and Luhansk. This Vice News video clearly shows very little participation or enthusiasm and also shows Right Sector Nazi guards carrying machine guns right near the ballot boxes. Those same neo-nazi battalions are the ones who secure the votes in this video. They have been killing ethnic Russians for the past 7 months therefore ethnic Russians did not participate in the 40% turnout due to being worried that voter rolls could be used to punish them as occurred after the May 11th referendum. Those voters rolls were collected by the Kiev Nazis and many people were tracked down and disappeared.

This final video shows the Kiev military firing incendiary munitions down on a civilian home and graveyard near the Donetsk airport two days before the election. These munitions are considered banned by the UN. An innocent person loses their home in this video as has happened so many times before.

Loud music warning- (please turn down your speakers)

This is the true situation in regards to what is really happening in Ukraine and Novorossiya. The US media is continuing to lie to the American people and has done so for the entire conflict in order to marginalize Russias influence in the world. It is backfiring. The people of Crimea and Novorossiya have voted and exercised their own right to self determination and not to live under fascist rule. That is what true democracy is supposed to represent. It is 2014 and in the age of You Tube and social media it is virtually impossible to hide the truth. The United States has lost it’s way and is acting in the same character as the British and King George did in the 1770’s. What has happened to our country? Where is the right to self determination for the people of Novorossiya? Why re we supporting a murderous, fascist regime in the heart of Europe?