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10:58 pm – Democrats have lost control of the Senate. CBS and Fox projected that Sen. Pat Roberts (R) will hold on in Kansas. The only question now is how big the win is for Republicans

10:45 pm – Republicans win another close race. CBS projects Republican Gov. Scott Walker will be re-elected in Wisconsin.

10:40 pm – CNN projects that David Perdue (R) will win the Georgia Senate race outright. This was seen as Democrats only chance of flipping a Republican held seat.

10:30 pm – In Virginia Warner (D) has finally pulled just barely ahead with almost all votes counted. Looks like he will win.

10:25 pm – The loss of Colorado Senate seat was a big defeat for Democrats. So far all the other losses were from states won overwhelmingly by Mitt Romney.

10:22 pm – AP projects that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) will be re-elected

10:18 pm – The AP has just called the Colorado Senate race for Republican Cory Gardner. Another seat lost by Democrats.

10:05 pm – So far things in most Senate races are going about as as well or slightly worse than what was expected based on the polling, which is bad news for Democrats because the polling had Democrats losing the Senate.

9:55 pm – It is looking like Sen. Mark Udall (D) will lose in Colorado as the polling predicted.

9:40 pm – The election season is not over yet! NBC projects that the Louisiana Senate race will go to a run-off between Republican Bill Cassidy and Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu. The run-off will take place on Dec 6th

9:33 pm – The AP is projecting that Florida Amendment 2, medical marijuana, will not be approved. At this point data shows 57.3 percent voted yes on Amendment 2, but under Florida’s unusual election laws any amendment on the ballot needs to get over 60 percent support.

9:25 pm– Things are looking good for Sen. Kay Hagan (D) in North Carolina. With 28 percent reporting she is leading 50.4/46.59:15 pm – NBC just projected a victory for the ballot measure to raise the minimum wage in Nebraska.

9:10 pm – Ballot measure to raise the minimum wage won in Arkansas. Today could be a loss for Democrats but a win for several big progressive policies.

8:59 pm – ABC has called NH for Sen. Shaheen (D). This was a must win for Democrats.

8:55 pm – D.C. is very slow to report results of votes cast today, but the results from early voting show Initiative 71, marijuana legalization, is winning by a big margin 67.7/32.3

8:40 pm – It is now looking better for Sen. Mark Warner (D) in Virginia. With 51 percent reporting Gillespie still leads 52.2/45.2, but the places that haven’t reported lean Democratic. Warner will probably just barely pull this off.

8:30 pm – Polls are now closed in Arkansas. CNN projects Tom Cotton (R) won that senate race.

8:20 pm – Things are looking good for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) in New Hampshire. With 8 percent reporting she leads 55.6/44.4. Importantly, she seems to be doing as well or better in the places reporting so far as she did in her last election.

8:08 pm – Not surprisingly, in the Pennsylvania Governor race Tom Wolf (D) beat incumbent Tom Corbett (D). This is Democrats first Gov pickup of the night.

8:00 pm – Polls are now closed on most of the East Coast. NBC projects that Republicans will retain the House.

7:55 pm – Something remarkable is happening in Virginia. It was assumed Sen. Mark Warner (D) would easily win but Republican Ed Gillespie is doing way better than anyone thought. Based on results so far the NYT indicates Gillespie could actually win.

7:50 pm – The exit polling found the electorate this year narrowly supports marijuana legalization 49/47. The fact that a plurality of national voters even in a midterm election back legalization is a sign the politics around this issue has reached the tipping point.

7:35 pm – It looks like it will be close for Amendment 2, medical marijuana, in Florida. With some 1.4 million votes counted so far it is at 57.7% yes, but under Florida law amendments on the ballot need 60% to be approved.

7:30 pm – Polls are now closed in North Carolina, West Virginia, and Ohio. So far the Kentucky Senate has been called for Mitch McConnell (R). Not a big surprise.

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Republicans are likely to remain in control of the House but the Senate is up for grabs. Which party will end up controlling that chamber will likely come down to just eight races: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

In addition, several important issues are on the ballot across the country including marijuana reform measures on the ballot in numerous states.

You can check on the returns as they come in at Politico or CNN.

The exit poll data shows that turnout is slightly better for Democrats than 2010, but not as good as 2012. This is what polling on enthusiasm has been indicating for months.

Photo by Melissa Santiago under Creative Commons license

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