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The Roundup for November 3rd, 2014

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May Tom Magliozzi rest in peace.

International Politics


– In what bears repeating, the Islamic State was born out of a mixture of significant political and economic factors often ignored in the mainstream narrative.

– Noam Chomsky: “The Leading Terrorist State“; In case, you were wondering, it’s the U.S.

– A joint brigade of Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia may develop to challenge the Islamic State


– Numerous Egyptian journalists refused to follow the suggestion of self-censorship when it came to criticizing the government

– The African Union warned the military in Burkina Faso to either allow a civilian leader to be elected or face sanctions


– Historical and contemporary factors help explain the rise of the far-right in Europe; A rise that is very alarming

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Despite Latin American countries turning away from the Global North’s economic hold, there still are attacks waged against the region

– Cuba sought out $8 billion from foreign investment to help develop the nation’s economy

Surveillance Planet

– A school district in Alabama paid a former FBI agent $157,000 to just monitor social media accounts of students and faculty.

– In a strange comment, GCHQ officials criticized tech giants as being “networks of choice” for terrorists; But don’t they know they’re insulting themselves since they use such sites?

Financial Matters

– Dean Baker: “Will Democrats Be Able to Talk Seriously About the Economy in 2016?

– JPMorgan did another bad thing, they are being investigated for currency trading; How small do we expect the next fine?

– Sprint announced it will layoff 2,000 workers and more may be on the way

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Businesses are using their employees to advance their own political agendas by pressuring them to go for different parties

– The Senatorial race in Kentucky is important not only for who comes out on top, but whether right-to-work will be championed or stopped

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Forty percent of Americans believe the country will be better off regardless if Democrats or Republicans control Congress.

– Arun Gupta: “How the Democrats Became the Party of Neoliberalism

– Pew: Americans who do not vote typically are folks who are non-white, lower-class and young

– Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) warned civil war among Democrats would erupt if nothing is done on immigration reform; Finally

Anytown USA

– Rick Perlstein: “The Powerlessness of Positive Thinking

– New data found older, white voters tend to vote significantly and consistently in Ferguson, Mo.; I’m not advocating for pure electorialism, but voting may be helpful. Still, you need more than voting to get change

We Don’t Need No Education

– Steven Salaita joins The Real News to discuss his case regarding his Tweets that led to a huge hullabaloo that saw University of Illinois administration failing to admit their mistakes

– New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced struggling public schools will see an extra hour added to the school day

The Second Sex

– Rania Khalek: “Drone Strike Feminism“; Great article on using women to advance foreign policy goals

– It’s ridiculous for a law to be made against catcalling as this is a part of a systemic problem, not some problem requiring liberal reform.

– The Supreme Court upheld a New York City law against crisis pregnancy centers to disclose to folks calling whether they have medical personnel at their location

Planet Earth

A new study found air pollution in India is “cutting crop yields by half,” which is significant for populations there

Mixed Bag

– Chris Hedges: “Joe Sacco: A Bomb in Every Comic

– Michael Bloomberg and his associates purchased a number of domain numbers that questions why he would go to such an extent to buy “”; Darn, stole my idea

– A very interesting piece from The New Yorker on First Look Media, Matt Taibbi leaving and Pierre Omidyar’s role

Break Time

Say Hello 2 Heaven [Chris Cornell]

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