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Over Easy: Fukushima Update

Not been a good week for Nuclear Power

Good Morning All!

It’s cold and damp here, kinda the miserable day you’d expect for the first Monday in November. Here in Ohio, the Dems are getting ready to get their butts kicked. It seems very likely that every statewide office will be won by the GOP.  Comes from selecting a loser to head the ticket, I suppose. I take some comfort knowing that our governor will start running for president almost immediately.

The USS Ronald Reagan sailors have won a major victory. “In a decision released Tuesday, Southern District of California Judge Janis Sammartino ruled that the suit can be amended to add the builders of the Fukushima-Daichi Nuclear Power Plant reactors — General Electric, EBASCO, Toshiba and Hitachi — as defendants.” Big Money is now exposed to damages, even if the governments claim immunity.

Some additional information about the different explosion at #3.   I think this ends any rational attempt to deny that the #3 explosion was a nuclear transient. The purple cloud referenced has to be iodine and that can only come from INSIDE a fuel rod. And the steel frame on top of Unit #3 is melted and a hydrogen explosion could not have generated that much heat. It is still not clear to me if the explosion occurred in the SFP or the reactor. I saw what claimed to be a recent photo showing the reactor cap in place, which would make it very likely that it was the SFP that exploded. But I have doubts that the photo is a reflection of reality.Be sure to follow the links, lots of good info here.

The municipal assembly and the mayor of Satsuma-Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture have given permission to restart the Sendai NPP. The citizens respectfully disagree. I think this is going to get worse, as politicians seem to be wilting under intense pressure from the JG, Nuke industry and supposedly the Yakuza. But the citizens aren’t going along. There have been fistfights as local governments try to keep anti-nuke people from addressing committees who job it is to re-start the plants.

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Jane Hamsher

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