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The Weekend Roundup for November 1-2nd, 2014

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Wow, November already?

May Acker Bilk rest in peace.

International Politics


– Juan Cole: “Far-Right Extremist Avigdor Lieberman Says Swedish Recognition of Palestine Will Bolster Extremism

Middle East

– A suicide bomber killed at least 50 people and wounded at least 100 more near the Pakistani-Indian border

– On the weekend, Islamic State militants executed at least 320 Iraqis in a village within the Anbar province

– Despite a new Iraqi government, the same old system of corruption exists that will prove fatal for the country’s development

– More than 60 people were beheaded by Saudi Arabia in trials one UN official questioned for its fairness

– Nusra Front, tied to al-Qaeda, took over territory in Syria after fighters defected from two U.S.-backed rebel groups

Asia and Oceania

– With India’s turn to neoliberalism, they may further explore the U.S. model of governance, which means more problems for folks in the country.


– The leader of Boko Haram claimed the girls kidnapped earlier this year all converted to Islam and said there was no cease-fire with the government

– In Burkina Faso, thousand of demonstrators marched against what they called a military coup hijacking the ouster of the country’s dictator


– Ukraine said it would not recognize the vote on Donetsk to create an independent country

– German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would accept the UK leaving the EU rather than change rules regarding migration within it

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In the most recent election in Brazil, it could be argued Dilma Rousseff defeated a pro-Global North candidate and the country avoided a turn for the worst; Still, as the article notes, Rousseff isn’t perfect by any means

Financial Matters

– There is no recovery in the U.S. as journalist Mike Whitney explains with 15 reasons on the decline of the working-class

Part six of eight with journalist Chris Hedges and philosopher Sheldon Wolin about the threats superpowers pose for civilization

– Research found liberal cities typically have high income inequality and problems with affordable housing

– Despite Ukraine agreeing to a deal with Russia over importing gas, the country will use funds from the International Monetary Fund in return for reforms in its energy sector

– The elites in this country not only believe they should take a significant share of the pie, but also believe no one should hate for it

A new survey found 44 percent of millionaires support raising taxes on themselves compared to 69 percent who support an expansion of charities.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– As a result of a lawsuit, UPS decided to give lighter work for employees who are pregnant

– Shirts with the phrase “This is what a feminist looks like” were allegedly found to be made by workers in sweatshops

Politics US

Washington USA

– With the midterm elections in just two days, the Democrats are heavily campaigning to get women out to vote

– However, a victory for the Republicans will hurt the chances of an agreement with Iran

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called for a temporary travel ban from countries in West Africa; Sounds simple on paper

Anytown USA

– Thomas Frank: “Righteous rage, impotent fury: Return[ing] to Kansas to hunt the last days of Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts

– The recent Block the Boat protests are effective in bringing light to apartheid in Israel and organizers can only wait to see what their move is. You can read more on it here with one of the organizers.

– A circuit court ruled New York City could legally begin to dismantle “stop-and-frisk

– In Ferguson, Mo., officers requested a no-fly zone in August to prevent news helicopters from reporting

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The origins of Ebola resulted from neoliberalism exploiting the ecology in West Africa, which caused problems like this

– In what is called a “great leap backwards,” Greece experienced a spike in child poverty according to a new report

– Bad news as Ebola is spreading rapidly in Sierra Leone. In fact, the phrase “frighteningly quickly” was used by one organization.

The Second Sex

– The recent school shooting outside Seattle, Wash., had a 15-year-old male teenager kill because a recent break-up. It is no coincidence most school shooters are male as young males are unable to deal with relationship problems.

– Dave Zirin: “FIFA Denies Women’s World Cup Players an Equal Playing Field—Literally

Planet Earth

– Global warming will affect different areas throughout the world in significant ways as evident with the war in Syria and its severe drought

– With a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the outlook is grim and we need a major and significant change in our system to avoid the worst of climate change. In fact, the report said fossil fuels must be eliminated by 2100 or else we are dead.

Mixed Bag

– The narrative Ken Burns uses in his series on jazz does not present the avant-garde phase in a positive light. Rather, he is hostile to the idea of it and feels it led to the decline of jazz.

– Researchers found mammals that slept (hibernated) during the asteroid survived as a result

– In response to the Virgin Galactic space plane crash, the use of questionable fuel was discussed as the possible reason for the crash

– Outside a Washington Redskins-Minnesota Vikings game, at least 5,000 demonstrators marched against the use of “Redskins”

Break Time

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